Lloyd Thaxton

Lloyd Thaxton


5/31/1927, Memphis, Tennessee, USA



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Lloyd Thaxton


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Lloyd Thaxton was a local "freelance" announcer in Los Angeles in the late 1950s when, through a deal with a television station manager, got his own weekday television show on KCOP, Lloyd Thaxton's Record Shop.
Record Shop would eventually lead to The Lloyd Thaxton Show, a live…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Thaxton produced over 200 segments for NBC's Today Show.

    • Thaxton is today called the father of the music video.

    • After retiring The Lloyd Thaxton Show, Thaxton's work in television would earn him five Emmy awards and another 15 Emmy nominations.

    • Though it would still be shown in reruns for a year, The Lloyd Thaxton Show stopped live production in 1967, due to the changing musical landscape, the Viet Nam war, and Thaxton bowing to management's demands to make changes to the show.

    • While in nationwide syndication, The Lloyd Thaxton Show was the top rate entertainment program in the U.S.

    • After Sonny and Cher got thrown out of a popular Los Angeles restaurant for the stage costumes they wore after a concert, Sonny went home and wrote a song about the experience, recorded it in the studio the next morning, walked onto the set of the Thaxton show that afternoon and unannounced, performed Laugh At Me, debuting the song and the experience to the nation.

    • Thaxton's signature sign off happened by accident after his first show aired. He said that his name was Lloyd Thaxton and announced the end theme music as So What, a song by the Bill Black Combo. The next day at the end of the second episode, Thaxton again said his name, but the teenagers behind him yelled in unison, "So What" and all 2000 future episodes would sign off the same way.

    • The Lloyd Thaxton Show went to nationwide syndication in late 1964.

    • The program's name was changed from "Hop" to "Show" because, according to Thaxton, people forget titles and dances, but they remember people and names.

    • Thaxton's dance show The Lloyd Thaxton Show was originally called Lloyd Thaxton's Hop.

    • As the popularity of Record Shop grew, KCOP-TV management agreed to give Thaxton a one hour live teen dance show in the afternoons.

    • Thaxton's record playing show was so popular, singing stars and actors started showing up unsolicited just to be on the program.

    • Because of his popularity with the station and it's audience, Thaxton was given his own morning show, Lloyd Thaxton's Record Shop, as a vehicle to voice commercials between music he played live on the air.

    • Thaxton began his career at Los Angeles station KCOP-TV in 1958 as an live voice announcer for commercials and program announcer for The June Levant Show.

    • Thaxton's first job as host was on the Leave It To Lloyd talk show, which would become a highly popular program on KHJ-TV.

    • Thaxton packed his wife and two kids into their car and drove from Toledo, OH to California, in search of a job, eventually becoming what he called a "freelance" announcer.

    • Thaxton joined the Navy "just hours" before being drafted by the Army.

    • Thaxton enlisted in the Navy just after graduating from high school.

    • Lloyd's father was a newspaperman.

    • Thaxton was born in Memphis, TN.

    • Thaxton is the co-founder of the teen magazine Tiger Beat.

  • Quotes

    • Lloyd Thaxton: It isn't what happens to you that is important, it is how you respond to what happens. And, how you respond depends on how you live your life.

    • Lloyd Thaxton: (commenting on himself in 1937 at age 10) I was meant to perform on TV. All I had to do was wait for it to be invented.