Lluvy Gomez

Lluvy Gomez


7/19/1983, Modesto, California, USA

Birth Name

Lluviana Gomez


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Lluviana Gomez (birth name) was born in Modesto, California. She lived from Kansas City to Newport. Lluvy studied in high school in San Francisco, the freshman years in college in AZ and sophomore years in Costa Messa. Lluvy is a pretty electric girl, who tries to learn from…more


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    • Lluvy: I really feel I have a blessed life. The past has been pretty rocky... but when it's all said and done, I think I came out pretty good. I have the best family who always supports me, amazing friends who always make me laugh, and I'm doing what I love modeling and being a wife... and soon to be mom!

    • (on who her heroes are)
      Lluvy: Jesus in every way, but especially for His never changing Love and Kindness. My Mommy, for showing me how far hard work and goals can take you....and prayer. My sisters for all being such amazing people with amazing gifts, but all in their own ways. Tyra... for giving a nerd like me a chance :D Janice... for knowingwhat she's talking about and being brutally honest... I luv her!! and everyone who is chasing their dreams and doing what really makes them happy. That's what life's about.

  • Unusally beautiful America's Next Top Model contestant.

    Is it just me or did Lluvy majorly get the shaft on America's Next Top Model. She has such striking and beautiful features and was unable to take a good picture. I can't help but blame her unfortunate hair, makeup, and costumes in every single photo shoot. In the first real photo, she was forced to wear a pair of fishnet stockings over her face like some sort of drag queen bank robber. In the next shoot, she looked just fine, I think. But then, in the worst Next Model photo of all time, they decided she should be made up like a fish. To accomplish the illusion, they glued shiny confetti all over her face, wrapped her in a brown net and dangled her from the ceiling. Not even Tyra could have made that look good. And finally, they poured water on her, told her to cuddle with a tire, and put the monster-faced Michelle in the background. If only she had been given more of a chance, she could have made it much further.moreless
  • Bay Area Beauty destined for greatness.

    when I first saw Lluvy\\\\\\\'s profile page on America\\\\\\\'s Next Top model i was so proud that a fellow bay area latina has made it big in reality tv. through out her time on the show she has shown her self to be a hard worker and an inspiration to anyone who has ever dared to dream.