Lochlyn Munro

Lochlyn Munro


2/12/1966, Lac La Hache, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Richard Laughlain Munro



Also Known As

Richard Laughlain Munro, Richard Munro, Rick Munroe, Lochlyn Monro, Lochlyn Monroe
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Lochlyn Munro wanted to be a professional hockey player but his dreams were shattered when he suffered a serious sports injury. He then turned his attention to music. He played various clubs in Vancouver. He loved the performing arts. He studied drama and comedy with some highly rated…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Lochlyn Munro should really have his own show and be seen on a weekly bases.

    Lochlyn Munro has been in so many things it his almost hard to keep track - highlighting in Scary Movie. The first time I saw him and took a conscience not as to who is really is. was in an episode of The Monk on USA network titled \" The Monk Meets The Godfather. And although this Canadian born actor played the the part as an Italian mobster - as if we could of have been related. He has also been on Without a Trace and CSI:Miami to name a couple more recent. I think it is time that he deserves his own show. And although it is not always on written record -I have always picked winners!moreless
  • Annoying but somehow it fits.

    As Jack Sheridan on Charmed I often found him annoying but somehow charming at the same time (no pun intended)and seemed to always be able to bring a smile or a laugh to the situation. I only wish his and Prue's relationship had developed further so he could have stayed on. However I did not feel that his acting talents were really pushed in the film "Scary Movie" where he played a rather moody teenager. I know it is just a stupid film but he did seem to put more effort than was required into the part. I feel he can do better.moreless