Logan Huffman

Logan Huffman


12/22/1989, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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  • Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans on V from S...
  • Logan Huffman stars in V.
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Logan Huffman is a triplet and was born in 1989. He restored his first car when he was just 16 years old. Logan went to Gattelypoole Acting Intensive at Northern Illinois University. He pursued acting in New York.


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  • Childish

    Logan Huffman character Tyler Evans is so childish it just disgust me. You have an 18 year old men that's acting like he's 8. Making this character at this age still want a father love in his life and blaming himself for his parents divorce is just lame. Not to mention that he falls for the first beautiful girl he sees. If this is what they wanted they should have made him 14 year old, then it would be somewhat believable.

    As it stands now, he just childish and uninteresting. It shouldn't surprise anyone that he's never had a girlfriend.

    You would have to be from another planet to fine his character appealing, because any women form are planet would know a LOSER when they see one.moreless