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  • Love Logan!

    I love watching Dark Blue and one of the main reasons is Logan Marschall-Green. He's so very good looking!
    And i like how he play the character Dean! I love how he's a 'bad guy' with a good heart!

    wow, I just saw i have write a 100 words????
    How on earth am i gonna do that?? I' just very glad Justin Chambers decided to stay at Grey's Anatomy because he plays Alex soo good, and now i can enjoy both Justin Chambers & Logan Marschall-Green!

    Please change the minimum words form 100.
    Because i just wanted to write something nice not tell a whole story.
  • I have only one thing to say about Logan - Yummy.

    I like the show, have watched from the beginning and I will continue to watch. Yes, McDermott may be far better known but my very favorite on the show is Logan Marshall-Green - just look at his picture. Not only is he "Gorgeous" but he is very good in playing his role. Tough but with heart.

    However, I am not excited about having to write 100 words minimum. That is far to much to write without repeating ones self and I am not writing this to critique a particular show. Consider changing it to 100 words minimum please.
  • good show..tight and exciting and dylan is dylan - always topnotch

    when we first saw this show last week..july 15..we were sure that justin chambers had abandoned gray's anatomy and moved to dark blue..in many shots he has a uncanny resemblence to logan marshall-green, or, since this has to be a hundred words for some crazy reason - marshall-green has a resemblence to chambers.
    green is "quite" good as is the entire cast
    it remains to be seen if they stay awat from too many hokey plotlines
    so far - a B+ What?? This needs to be a humdred (100) words ??? still?? good greef, charlene brown, i don't want to write a screenplay; just say a few nice words about logan marshall-green and dark blue
  • Old Friend, Good Actor

    Old High School friend at PCD. We both left in our Junior year and he used to live near my aunt off Narragansett Blvd. Good Luck Logan. I have to keep writing because I need at least 50 words. I don\\\'t remember him saying he wanted to act, although looking back it seems like the natural choice. Peace
  • He's really the only reason I watched "The OC."

    He's really the only reason I watched "The OC." I thik he should continue being on the show...he makes it fun to watch...he's a good actor. I was so upset when "Trey" got shot in the oc...i was practically crying..the acting was really good...that whole scene in the motel room with him fighting with his brother...it felt real.