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    • Logan is in a relationship with actress Marisa Tomei, as of 2009.

    • Logan is very good friends with Ian Somerhalder and America Ferrera, they used to be his co-stars when they used to work at Broadway.

    • Logan attended Edward S. Rhodes School in 4th grade and then went to Edgewood Highlands school from 5-6th grade.

    • Logan is 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 metres) tall.

    • Logans mother wanted her name involved, hence the hyphenated combination of last names from his mother and father.

    • In August 2005 on the Main Stage of the Williamstown Theater Festival, Logan played Bo Decker in Will Frears' production of William Inge's classic drama Bus Stop.

    • Logan's first love is the theater.

    • Logan had a guest spot on two of NBC's hit shows in 2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and in 2004 Law and Order.

    • Logan Marshall-Green has also made several guest appearances on the hit FOX show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland.

    • Logan Marshall-Green is best known for his recurring role as Trey Atwood on The O.C. to younger brother Ryan. In the 2005 season finale, his character was shot, but survived.

    • Logan has found another lover Kelli Garner who is an actress and was also in the cast of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.

    • Logan was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Cranston, RI. He attended Edward S. Rhodes School in 4th grade and then went to Edgewood Highlands school from 5-6th grade.

    • Logan co-starred in the 2005 romantic comedy Alchemy with Tom Cavanagh and Sarah Chalke.

    • Logan played the role of Beethoven in the stage production Dog Sees God. This play premiered in September 2004 at the New York International Fringe Festival. It then officially opened in December 2005 and ran through February at the Century Center in New York. Logan starred in Dog Sees God with other young well-known TV and movie actors: Ian Somerhalder, Eliza Dushku and America Ferrera.

    • Logan played Bo Decker on stage in the play Bus Stop in August 2005.

    • Logan was originally linked to the movie, The Family Stone, but the entire original cast was replaced.

    • Logan received a Drama Desk award for his performance in Neil LaBute's The Distance From Here in 2004.

    • Logan started acting because his mother is an actress, writer, director and also works in the theatre department at Brown University.

    • Logan went to Barrington High School, University of Tennessee, then NYU.

    • Logan has previously dated actress Anna Paquin. They broke up nearly a year ago in 2005.

    • Logan starred in the movie The Great Raid with Benjamin Bratt, James Franco and Joseph Fiennes.

    • Logan often performs at the Williams Theater Festival in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

    • Logan has twin brother named, Taylor.

    • Logan attended high school in Rhode Island.

  • Quotes

    • Logan: (on what viewers can expect in Traveler) Without giving too much away, you follow Tyler and Jay through a little bit of New England, retracing their steps, only through the past two weeks before. And then the lies start to show themselves being even deeper through the past two years. So we dig deeper into our pasts and Will's past and we find ourselves in New England towns on the run. And we may even find Will.

    • Logan: (on what he liked about the pilot script of Traveler) The whole script appealed to me from page one to page 58, 60, I don't know. I don't know many people who didn't read the script in about 20 minutes. It's just a page-turner. The character, Tyler Fog, appealed to me, just due to his vulnerability and his range of emotion and need when really, he has everything he's ever wanted. You gotta hand it to him money-wise. Yet, he still needs something. He needs Jay, he needs the truth, he needs a lot. And those blanks were-- he doesn't know what he needs as well, and those blanks were what really intrigued me.

    • Logan: (on his character in Traveler) Tyler Fog is the son of [a] Fortune-500 kind of guy, actually, maybe even richer. And he is, let's say, an underachiever, at least in his father's eyes. But unlike a lot of stereotypical rich kids, he's a good guy, underneath. And he's a guy you'd, surprisingly, want to root for, even though he's born with a silver spoon in his mouth.