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  • Lois Ramsey is famous for many things but to me I remember her fondly for Ettie Parslow and her performance which is practically perfect.

    When Lois Ramsey joined the cast of Prisoner she had some might big shoes to fill. Admitted by the writers her charecter was Lizzie Birdsworth recycled. Lizzie remains incredibly popular and much loved and Lois had to not only compete with that but make Ettie Parslow more than reused idea.

    She did just that!

    Ettie was by far one of the most convincing charecters in the shows history, her act never slipping in front of the cameras. With every scene she delievered something memorable and more often than not it was loaded with humour subtle or explicit. She made mundane or well used catchphrases classics of her own, most of which don't even come across as catchphrases, but just Ettie being unintentionally funny, such as her classic "What?" and "Whats that dear"

    Lois Ramsey was a complete joy to watch as Ettie Parslow and for me made her one of the most memorable charecters of any show ive watched.moreless