Lola Albright





7/20/1925 , Akron, Ohio

Birth Name




Movies, by and large, treated Lola Albright miserably. She started her Hollywood career in a hit - "Champion" in 1949 - but she had a thankless role in it, and nothing of much worth followed it; her next good movie part wasn't until 1965, when she and Jane Fonda played a couple of distinctly kinky Americans in France in a Rene Clement thriller, "Les Felins". The next year, she was terrific as Tuesday Weld's suicidal mother in "Lord Love A Duck", a very black comedy indeed. And that, film-wise, was about it. But she had a far better time on TV, winning millions of fans as the sexy jazz singer Edie in "Peter Gunn" and guesting on every kind of show imaginable. She even got murdered (by William Shatner) in an episode of "Columbo". Throaty, alluring, elegant and tough as nails at the same time, Lola Albright wasn't a lady you'd confuse with anyone else.