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  • I don't know if the writers purposely make her a stupid character, or she just doesn't know what she's doing.

    In so many episodes, "Elle" asks the stupid questions. In "Riding the Lightning," she questions who the lawyer is, as if he doesn't belong there, even though her supervisors are accepting of his presence.

    In the same episode she faces 90 degrees away from Derek when filling him in on what Hotch is saying via the phone. She has similar odd body language--facing away from people she's talking to in an odd way in subsequent episodes, like in "The Real Rain." It usually seems to involve phones when she's acting like an idiot.

    Also in "The Real Rain," she enters a lawyer's office with a tone of voice, expression and walk that suggest she already knows he's been shot in the head. There was no real reason for her that. They were going to talk to this guy--they weren't called because there'd been a gun shot. In fact, she mentioned that the shooting didn't match the killer's M.O. thus far. This tells me that the writers are putting things on the page that she is interpreting strangely.

    There's some weird "acting" going on with her. I never believe her character.