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  • London! Wake UP! Is this what you truly seek for yourself and your daughter? I think you are a good person but you are now living beneath your privilege. Your lack of drama will soon bore Flavor to death!

    London was great on the show and I believe she has what it takes to get all she wants out of life for herself and her daughter. However, I do not believe Flavor Flav is the right man for her. As much as many of you hate to hear it, both Flavor and New York win the prize for King and Queen of Drama. London will probably soon see the same things I see and will move on with her career without King Drama. We all know she deserves better. She will wake up one day SOON and asks herself, "What was I thinking?".
  • congratulations, Ms. London

    At 47 years old, Flav could not have made a better choice in his lifetime. New York proved with that response that she was not the one for him. You, on the other hand, are calm, cool and collective. I know Detroit can come out of you girl but you handled yourself like a true, down to earth woman and I have soo much respect for you for that. I wish you and your baby girl all the love and happiness that life has in store for you GOD BLESS U ALL....Treat her right FLAV.
  • Deelishis, you da bomb girl. And flav you picked a winner this time. New york, I can't stand you. but anyway best of luck to Deelishis and Flavor flav. Ya'll will make. You my girl deelishis.

    London charles A.K.A Deelishis is da bomb. I am so glad that she beat New York. New York, you had it coming to you. Anyway, back to deelishis. Deelishis, girl you got serious class and Flav I am so proud of you for picking the most honest, real woman (realize I said "woman" not "girl") in the bunch. And Bootz, you da bomb too. Really most of the women were cool in my book but deelishis beat them all. And Deelishis daughter is so adoriable. I hope things work out for you Flav. I believe you picked a winner this time. And watch out flav, new york might get crazy and try to come after you. Deelishis, I know for a fact you aint got to worry bout nothin cause I know you can woop new york. Anyway, you are number 1 in my book deelishis and the best of luck to you and flav. Ya'll will make it. I know you will.
  • London is great!

    I just London! She has such a positive attitude and real with hers. She not like the other vixens looking for fame and being seen too much. She's really confident in her own skin, down to earth, give it to you real, and honest. So London keep doing your thing girl!
  • London is a model and is known for her appearance on flavor of love, she is currently still on the show.

    I love this girl, she's hilarous on the show. I like how she doesn't go on looking for trouble like most of the girls on flavor of love. She's soo beautiful and her booty is beyond booty. Her future is great and I bet I will see her on T.V more often then I already do.