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  • he was just amazing!may he rest in peace.

    Long John Baldry had an amazing voice talent.the voice of doctor robotnik is just so great!its scary and funny at the same time!im so sad that he died.he should have been a bigger star.he is the only reason i like the adventures of sonic the headhoge.todays eggman or whatever he is called is just a discrease and a macory of the glory that was dr ivo robotnik.nowone can replace him.they shouldnt even try.its such a shame that he died.he would maybe become even bigger star.todays voice actors mostly suck.like they hire any persone they find on a street.but long john baldry was a true legend who brought life in the characters he played.its really sad how people with real talent arentas succesfull and famous as they should be.it makes me so mad.i just wanna say that he was one of the greatest voice actors ever.may he rest in peace