Loni Anderson

Loni Anderson


8/5/1946, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Loni Kaye Anderson


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Loni is the daughter of two long-time smokers, so she has spoken on behalf of the National Lung Health Education Program's campaign to increase awareness of the lung disease COPD.

    • Loni would like to adopt another child, she thinks that she has a place in this world as a mother, above all else.

    • Loni speaks to groups about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, educating them on the number of diseases that are associated with smoking tobacco. Her father had emphysema, and both parents suffered from bouts of reoccuring bronchitis, all associated with their habit. She saw a need to be a spokesperson, when no one else was stepping up.

    • Loni talks to high school students about making the transition from graduation to a profession in acting. She teaches them to take a bit of rejection, without taking it personally.

    • Loni has a degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, but she had wanted to be an actress her whole life. Her mother and grandmother thought it was a poor decision, so she earned her degree. Her grandmother was a teacher, her sister was a teacher, her daughter was a teacher in northern California, and her son-in-law is a high school principal, she is surrounded by educators.

    • Loni is an avid snow enthusiast, she loves to ski, snowboard, and ride her snowmobile with her son Quinton in her free time.

    • In 1997, Loni appeared with fellow Minnesota native Louie Anderson, in an ad for the Mall Of America which played on their shared last name.

    • Loni made her rounds in the late 1990's and early years of 2000, appearing on television shows in cameo roles. She popped in on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch as the Spellman's 'Witch-trash' cousin. She also played mom to Pamela Anderson's character, Vallery Irons, on her action show V.I.P.

    • Loni is a lifelong friend of soap opera diva Deidre Hall, who like herself, has adopted.

    • Loni helped ex-husband Burt Reynolds quit his addiction to prescription pain pills, staying by his side, as he suffered through the withdrawls of going 'cold turkey' after taking upwards of 60 Percocet pills a day, amongst other pills.

    • Loni's autobiography is called My Life In High Heels.

    • Loni had a romantic relationship with co-star Gary Sandy while they were both appearing on WKRP In Cincinnati together.

    • Loni underwent a breast reduction surgery that brought her from a 37D-20-32 to what she feels is more in proportion as 36-24-36. Her measurements before her second breast reduction were: 38E-25-36, and after the surgery: 38C-25-36.

    • Loni won various titles during her pageant days, including: Miss Roseville in 1963, Miss Thom McCann, Miss No Frost Eskimo, Miss Thermo Jac Clothing, and Valentine Queen of her high school's winter formal.

    • Loni auditioned for a role on the television sitcom Three's Company in 1977.

    • Loni was crowned First Runner-up in the Miss Minnesota Pageant in 1964.

    • Loni married Ross Bickell in 1973 and divorced him in 1981. She then married Burt Reynolds in April of 1988, and they adopted a son, Quinton. The couple divorced in a very bitter, public battle in March of 1995.

    • Loni married Bruce Hasselbert in 1964. They had a daughter together, Deidre Hoffman, who is a school superintendent in Redding, California. They divorced, citing irreconcilable differences in 1966.

    • Loni was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to Maxine Kallin and Carl Anderson. Her father originally wanted to named her Leiloni, but shortened to just Loni to avoid teasing in her high school years (Lay Loni).

  • Quotes

    • Loni: (on the image cigarette smoking has had in the past) There is nothing glamourous about being dead.

    • Loni: I tried to save my marriage to Burt, I really gave it my all. But you know what I was competing with? A handful of pills and a bottle of booze. I can't win, and I certainly don't take last place, so I hung it all out to dry.