Loren Dean





7/31/1969 , Las Vegas, Nevada

Birth Name

Loren Dean Jovicic




Loren Dean was born on July 31st 1969, in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1989, Dean began appearing in stage plays in New York, where he began his acting career. He later won a Theater World Award in 1989 for his performance in Amulets Against the Dragon Forces. Dean's breakthrough film role came in 1988, when he starred opposite John Cusack in Say Anything. Throughout the 90s, Dean received praise for his work as a supporting actor in various Hollywood blockbusters. As well as starring in Apollo 13, he was also cast in How to Make An American Quilt, Enemy of the State and Gattaca. In 2000, Dean played Ethan Glance in Space Cowboys, a hit science fiction film. The early 2000s saw Dean take on roles in TV series, including Bones, CSI and Terriers. In 2011, Dean starred in Who Is Simon Miller?, starring as the lead character Simon who placed strains on his family with his regular business trips. In addition to his film and TV work, Dean has worked as a playwright.