Loren Lester

Loren Lester


Los Angeles, California, USA

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Loren Lester started his career as a teenager when he played Fritz Hansel in Rock 'n' Roll High School.

His next most notable performance was as Roy in The Facts of Life, where he reacurred as a guest star frequently.

After that he has…more


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  • Cool...

    Loren lester is another one of my favorite voice actors from batman the animated series he played dick grayson AKA robin and On batman gotham knights he played dick grayson AKA nightwing. when he came to gotham knights his role was made a little more dark and that is sweet. Robin and nightwing are my favorite roles that he plays in mainly because I don't know anything else he's played in other than batman. i think he should have his own show all about nightwing and being in bludhaven. he had a little cameo in the JLU episode grude match but I say he should have had a speaking role. this guy is one of the all time greats he is right up there in voice acting with kevin conroy. i hpoe he gets a show soon. Later...moreless
  • To me he is Nightwing.

    What can I say about this guy, well other than him voicing my childhood hero I don't know. Well everybody knows him from Rock 'n' Roll High School and The Facts of Life, but yeah thats not the angle I come in from. Sure he was great as those roles, but ever since I was in diapers I've always viewed him as THE person to voice Dick Grayson(aka Nightwing)

    I don't really know why, but in my opinion, he's as to Nightwing, as Kevin Conroy is to Batman. Lately he's had quite a few guest appearances in shows and was pretty good, and I hear he's also reacurring on General Hospital.

    So well I wish the guy the best of luck in the future, he truly is talented, and he played my childhood hero I mean of course I'm gonna worship the guy.moreless