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  • Get some new kids to play Sam and David Camden! These boys can't act at all!

    What is wrong with the producers of 7th Heaven? These boys cannot act at all!

    Sam and David always talk together and ask stupid questions that have obvious answers. They are unintelligent and unaware of what's going on around them. Why did they even make these boys be born if they don't even have anything to say? Even when there is not an obvious answer, they would know that nobody knew the answer if they listened to what other people said. Like about why Mary left her family. If people knew why, they wouldn't be talking about it, they'd be helping her solve her problems!

    Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) was about the age that Nikolas and Lorenzo are now and she was better than they are now. She was smart and curious about what was going on. The Olsen twins were better actors at age 3 than these twins are now at [almost] 7!
  • Lorenzo Brino were cast in 7th heaven.

    Lorenzo, Nikolas, Myrinda and Zachary Brino was born on born September 21, 1998, in Woodland Hills, California. They are the quadruplets born to Tony and Shawna Brino. They have an older half-brother, their father's son from another marriage, named Antonio, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

    When the quadruplets were five months old, they were cast as twins Sam and David Camden on the television show 7th Heaven. All four of them, plus a set of twins, shared the roles until 2001. Since then, only Lorenzo and Nikolas have played them. To know more about Lorenzo and his brothers, you can visit his fansite at http://lorenzobrino.com.
  • The kid has no talent nor does his brother.

    These two kids are really awful. They cannot act nor have any spark or spunk. When the show was just new and Mackenzie was young her character was great. She had talent at a young age and had a spark as well as spunk. I remember laughing at the things that Ruthie and Simon did when they were younger.

    The two boys lack feeling and emotion in their roles. They have yet to make me laugh.
  • Sam is so cute

    I personally like Sam better then David. I think he is cuter and that he acts better, but they are both so very cute. I dont really think that they fit into the show. They are kind of like the outcast. Everyone else is so much older and doing there own thing and then there just stuck in the show somewhere. Sam he is very cute. I hope that him and his brother stick around on the show until it ends, which i hope is never! 7th heaven is the greatest show on earth. Keep up the great work Sam!