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    • Lorenzo: (on the charitable organization that he participated --- Angel Flight) I started flying when my [older] kids were teenagers. They lived in Lake Havasu, Arizona, with their mother, and in order for them to come visit me, they would have to take a commercial flight from there to Phoenix, then another plane to L.A. and they would have to miss a day of school. I decided to get my pilot's license so I could fly over, pick them up myself, bring them back for the weekend and then fly them home. So [learning to fly] became something I did for them as much as for me.

    • Lorenzo: (on his Falcon Crest character) They've done a little more with the character this season. They've brought out his emotional side a bit more. I guess if you're raised the way he's been, you can turn out one of two ways: incredibly rotten, or incredibly polished.

    • Lorenzo: (on Are You Hot?) This was a reality show that was as simple as simple could be. It was a guy and a girl standing up there onstage, telling you that they think they are hot. Your job is to tell them why they are not. It was fun, especially in the beginning when you saw these people of all shapes and sizes telling you how hot they think they are. It's like the first few tryouts for American Idol where those people can't sing.

    • Lorenzo: (before he got to audition for Falcon Crest) Watching my parents and their friends while I was growing up helped me keep my perspective, some actors, I learned, get successful very quicly and start to take themselves too seriously. They don't understand that it's not them, it's the character they portray, that the public finds interesting.

    • Lorenzo (on former B&B co-star Lesli Kay): She's such a good mother and she's so committed to her marriage, her kids and her work. She's a terrific gal.

    • Lorenzo (when he chose a career in acting): My own father made me audition for him before he would help me get into acting school.

    • Lorenzo (on attending military school): When I was there, I hated it. It's funny though, because the only things that are going to set you apart are your mind, spirit and achievements in each of our environments.