Lori Beth Denberg

Lori Beth Denberg


2/2/1976, Northridge, California (USA)

Birth Name

Lori Beth Denberg



Also Known As

LB, LB Denberg
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A Los Angeles native born and raised in Northridge, Calif., Lori Beth began performing in school and community plays at the age only of 6. While she had not been pursuing acting as a profession, she was discovered by talent scouts from "Nickelodeon" during her senior year of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • lori beth denberg started out on all that and from there went on to the steve harvey show

    i had seriously forgotten what a great actress she was until i watched a few eps of the steve harvey show and found some old clips of all that..im like she was like so perfectly annoying on both shows and a little funnier on all that honestly..altho on both shows she was kinda the motherly figure that always did the right thing..when she played the teacher and even her character on the steve harvey show did the right thing most of the time..shes seriously a role model for young girls even today as they view her work and reflect on her personality and the fact that she seems a good girl typemoreless
  • Vital Information

    Lori Beth Denburg is a great actress. Is she still acting ? I hope so. I`ve seen her on Dodgeball as a fat cheerleader, All That, and on Figure It Out as a celebrity panelist. She was excellent on a skit on All That called Vital Information. She was hilarious. On Figure It Out she was a celebrity panelist all the way on the end. She always got slimed. I remember that she was good at figuring out the puzzle. I also remember when she took Summer`s place as the host. She was a great host. I wish she would be in more roles.moreless