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  • Season Two - Episode Seven

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    S 2 : Ep 7 - 12/27/08

    The family have a restless night after Ben has a visit to casualty. Karen is writing a letter to the Prime Minister asking for her teacher to be fired. Jake tries to think of some alibis to avoid seeing his girlfriend. As the night goes on, Sue gets some upsetting news concerning her dream boss, annoying noises come from next door and there is a visit from the police.

  • Claimitis

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    S 1 : Ep 1 - 3/5/04

    The lads get involved in organising the biggest whiplash scam in Belfast's impressive history of personal injury claims. Mummy's boy Wardrobe, picks up the four lads and they go to get paid for the last job they did. To Wardrobe's dismay, their last 'client' pays them with a cheque so the only way they can get the cheque cashed is by Bap The Butcher. On their next visit to the dole office, they're aided and abetted by one of the office workers. They are given instructions in where to go to arrange their next scam. The boys need to set up a car crash involving a bus and are assured that if it all goes to plan, then they could receive £3,000 each. There is just three obstacles though: They need a 'clean car', insurance and a good driver. Ta's long suffering partner Una is drawn into the scam as she owns a legitimate car with insurance. At first Una does not want to get involved but when Ta tells her the money could come in useful for their wedding, she changes her mind. Shay's dodgy ex-schoolmate Hoker is signed up to drive Una's car. Everything is set up. The lads have gathered up enough people to get on to the bus (at a price of course) so they can then claim for whiplash. All they have to do now is wait now until the next 51 bus (the one that is going to crash into Una's car) comes along. Hoker and Una wait by the side road to pull out. While the boys are sitting in the traffic another 51 bus pulls out and then everything goes wrong. That bus crashes full steam ahead in to Una's car and the original bus driver drives past with a huge grin on his face. The lads not only lose their initial stake money but end up owing money to the people they'd roped into the scam. The injured Una now has a genuine whiplash claim but has to wear a neck brace and crutches for several weeks. She is on the warpath for Ta and the lads. Unfortunately their charm tactics of flowers don't defuse her fury.moreless
  • Meat Is Murder

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    S 1 : Ep 2 - 3/5/04

    Ta's uncle wants the lads to dispose of his dead cow called Lou, Lou Bell. After much bartering, the boys agree on £240 to do the job. They are about to bury it when Wardrobe has a brainwave. They'll chop up the cow and sell it as dog meat at greyhound tracks and kennels. Shay doesn't think that it's a good idea to chop up Lou, Lou Bell and is left with her head. Shay is finding it difficult to sell his share and ropes in his friend Hoker to help. Unbeknown to Shay, Hoker passes it off as prime beef fit for human consumption and sells it to the local butcher, Bap. Shortly afterwards Hoker gets beaten up for using fraudulent notes in an amusement hall. Shay is still left with with Lou, Lou Bell's head so he and Hoker take it to a field and lay it to rest. Later that night, Hoker, wanting to get revenge, goes back to the field and picks up the cow's head and places it in the bed belonging to the man that beat him up. When Ta is in seeing Una in the hairdressers he finds out on the local news that Lou, Lou Bell was part of a herd infected with foot and mouth. The boys don't panic as they believe meat wouldn't do dogs any harm but Shay confesses that he gave his share to Hoker and he sold it to Bap the Butcher. The lads race against time to retrieve the dodgy beef before anyone eats it but they are too late. Bap sold some of the meat to a local boxer and also gave a bit to Crazy Horse. They manage to rescue the infected steak from the boxer's house and then race round to Crazy Horse's flat only to find him stretched out on the floor. Wardrobe tries to resuscitate him but to no avail. The boys do a runner from the flat and call an ambulance. Minutes later, Crazy Horse opens his eyes as he comes around from his severe hangover.moreless