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Welsh nu-metallers Lostprophets formed in the Cardiff satellite town of Pontypridd in 1997 following the breakup of Public Disturbance, who featured Ian Watkins on drums and guitarist Mike Lewis. Recruiting guitarist Lee Glaze and drummer Mike Chiplin, Watkins took over vocal duties. After playing around the local live…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lostprophets second album 'Start Something' went to number five in the U.K charts and reached number 33 on the Billboard top 200.

    • Ian and Mike experimented with ska and hip-hop before they decided on rock as their sound.

    • The rerecorded version of The Fake Sound of Progress was remixed by Michael Barbiero, who is best known for working with acts such as Metallica and Cypress Hill.

    • Lostprophets' song 'Lucky you' featured on the Spiderman 2 soundtrack.

    • Mike Lewis and Ian Watkins have been friends since the age of 5.

    • After a fan was killed making their way to a concert, the band dedicated The Fake Sound of Progress as a mark of respect.

    • The band name Lostprophets originated from the Duran Duran album Bootleg.

    • Lostprophets was originally spelt with the letter Z in the place of S; Loztprophetz.

    • The band Originally signed with Visble noise but moved on to sign with Colombia records.

    • At the Kerrang awards in August 2006 Lostprophets won best British band and best album for Liberation Transmission.

    • Lostprophets' song 'Ride' features on the soundtrack for the computer game 'Need for Speed Underground'.

    • In 2005 Mike Chapman left Lostprophets and was replaced by Ilan Rubin.

    • Lost Prophets were featured on the cover of Kerrang magazine in July 2001, Disorder Magazine in July 2006, Kerrang magazine in May and July 2006, Total Guitar Magazine and Rock Sound magazine in August 2006.

    • Lost Prophets won the award for Best New British Band at the Kerrang awards in 2001 beating off competition from bands such as Defenestration and Grand Theft Audio.

    • The rerecorded version of Lost Prophets' first album 'The Fake Sound of Progress' was dedicated to a fan who lost his life while travelling to a Lost Prophets' concert.

    • The Lostprophets' third album 'Liberation Transmission', released June 27th 2006, debuted at number 1 in the UK album charts and entered the U.S. Billboard albums chart at number 33.

    • The Lostprophets' first album, 'The Fake Sound of Progress,' originally cost only £6,000 (approx. $11,200) to record.

  • Quotes

    • Lee: Get out there and do it. Get off your ass and go for your dream.

    • Jamie Oliver: We're all about fighting apathy.

    • Ian Watkins (On their third album 'Liberation Transmission'): I would call it a vicious, indignant rock album that is as accessible as a pop album. By pop I mean bands like The Police and The Clash. But we're delighted with the record, and thats not something Im just saying because it's what people in bands are supposed to say. We worked so hard to make this album right. We made sure that if people only heard one song from this album that whatever song it was it was good enough to represent our band.

    • Ian Watkins (Denying charges that the band are arrogant): This band developed in a little Welsh village where everyone thought we were freaks, so we kept ourselves to ourselves, and that's been ingrained in us. People interpret that as us being arrogant. But we're not the kind of guys who'll walk into a room and go 'Hey, how the f**k is everyone doing?'

    • Mike (On their first performance at Bogiez rock club): We had a blast. At the time it seemed amazing but looking back it was pretty horrible. We were a mess, the sound was shit - but all shows in Bogiez sounded like shit. All our shows were there because no one else in town would have us.

    • Ian Watkins (On the origins of Lost Prophets): We grew up together. We hung out, we were all friends. We played in the band in between watching movies or playing video games. We weren't interested in going out drinking or anything. We just kind of kept to ourselves. And it came from there. We never really played proper shows, we'd just play for friends or play at a friend's party or an odd gig to help a friend out if he needed an extra band. We'd write songs for fun.

    • Lostprophets (On bands that they like): It ranges from everything really. Everyone is into Refused in a big way and we love Faith No More and The Police, all the old metal bands like Carcass. Some of us are into hardcore, some into metal, some into dance. If you hear the album then it is tailored to what we wanted it to sound like.

    • Ian Watkins: We never relied on the media. We always got out there and just played 'cause the media didn't want anything to do with us in the beginning. So we built up a fan base and relied on that.

    • Ian Watkins: I like being a drummer. I wish I was a drummer. I like just getting behind the kit and playing. I like making up melodies and I like singing. But sometimes being the singer is a lot of hassle. You kind of just gotta be the guy who has to talk to the crowd and get all excited.

    • Ian Watkins (On Lostprophets' third album 'Liberation Transmission'): When you're 19 years old all you want to do is play heavy stuff, and that's easier to do as well. You just grab a guitar and rock out with no real thought about what a song is. It's all about getting a bit of aggression out, so that's what we did on the first and second records. But this time we decided to strip some of the stuff down and let the songs really stand out. It's not all about thrashy riffs anymore, it's about taking elements from the stuff we listened to growing up and using that to make better songs.

    • Ian Watkins: We played our first gig in Cardiff in late '97. It was just us having a laugh, really - recording demos to give to our friends, and playing small gigs in Cardiff now and again. We never really thought anything would come of it.

    • Ian Watkins: Top Of The Pops was an institution. People kept comparing it to the old Top Of The Pops. But if it had been a brand new program they'd have been happy with the viewing figures. What music show has the BBC got left?

    • Mike Lewis: I'd like to do a side-project that's just a straight-up hardcore band, because I love that music. I have done since I was back in Public Disturbance. Something in the vein of American Nightmare, or old Agnostic Front stuff. It's definitely something I miss.

  • Lostprophets have got to be one of the best bands in this decade. They new album is amazing. Just like all their other albums.

    Lostprophets have got to be one of the best bands in this decade. Their new album is amazing. Just like all their other albums. My favorite CD of theirs is "Start Something". I could listen to every single track on that album without skiping to the next. And there isnt alot of albums i can say that for these days. My favorite song of theirs out of all their songs is "Sway". It has beautiful vocals on it, and its just a really amazing song. Its where their talent just really comes out in my opinion. I think ill go listen to them right now. ^_^moreless