Lou Ferrigno





11/9/1952 , Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

Louis Jude Ferrigno




Lou Ferrigno is the youngest body builder ever to hold the "Mr. Universe" title (age 20) and the only one to win it two consecutive times. He has also played professional football in Canada. Weighs 275 pounds - with 59" chest -34" waist - 22-1/2" bicep - 29" thighs and 19" neck. Growing up, Lou was a fan of the 1950s Hercules films that starred body builder Steve Reeves and a fan of the Incredible Hulk comic books. He went on to play both the Incredible Hulk (both live action and providing the voice of the Hulk for an animated series) and Hercules. In the late 80s, Lou decided to tone down his massive body so that people would be more likely to see him as a person and not just as his 'monster' alter ego "The Hulk.

Lou was chosen to play the Hulk over other body builders, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, because no one could match his 6'5" 275+ pound physique. He cites "King of the Beach" (in which he had a speaking role) as his favorite Hulk episode. He has never won the Mr. Olympia contest, although he was a runner-up during his return to bodybuilding in the mid 90's. He has been married for over 20 years and has 3 kids. His last time playing the Hulk was for a Canadian insurance company commercial in 2000.