Louie Vito

Louie Vito


3/20/1988, Columbus, Ohio

Birth Name

Louie Vito


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Professional American snowboarder Louie Vito was born on March 20, 1988 in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in Bellefontaine, Ohio where he first learned to snowboard at a 300 vertical foot resort called Mad River Mountain located only five minutes from his house. As he became more interested…more


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    • Louie Vito: (His goal for DWTS) I just hope I can go out and bring some of my grace from the mountain to the ballroom.

    • Louie Vito: (On fellow snowboarders opinions of him being on DWTS) I have haters and will always have haters, no matter what I do. But I don't snowboard for anyone except myself. I don't snowboard so everyone will like me. I just want to be me and that's the best I can do, love it or hate it. [...] At the end of the day, I have to do what I think is best for me. It's hard to deny this show has cred-22 million viewers a week!

    • Louie Vito: (On what he would do if wasn't snowboarding) If I wasn't snowboarding right now, I think I would probably be in school trying to get an education, so luckily snowboarding is working out.