Louis Lombardi

Louis Lombardi


Bronx, New York, New York, USA

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Louis Lombardi



Also Known As

Louis Lomabrdi Jr, Louie Lombardi
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Louis Lombardi is a popular actor and has been in many well recieved films and television shows.

Louis has appeared in titles such as Beverly Hills Cops III, The Usual Suspects, and Suicide Kings.

He has also has roles in shows such as NYPD Blue, CSI:Crime…more


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    • Louis Lombardi: Exactly, never quit. I tell every actor, every writer, everyone, even people that have been in the business for ten years even thirty years. People look at me and think it's easy. I'm going, 'Don't get discouraged.' People just don't get it. That's the hardest part of the business. Acting is only 10%. The other 90% is getting the job.

    • Louis Lombardi: (on his own projects) I'm trying to put together this film about two brothers, a pizzeria movie that actually we did together. Still trying to put that movie together, create a little franchise with these two characters.

    • Louis Lombardi: I would say more for the show because in today's TV, people are always trying to shock more than they did last week. Always trying to stun, always trying to keep people talking about their shows, am I right or am I wrong? Everyone... no matter what it is.

    • Louis Lombardi: You go there and you experiment and you have fun with it. It's like cooking. You throw a little of this one time, a little of that one time, some times are more fun than others, but it's still fun, the overall process of it. When people tell me, 'Oh, it's a small show' or 'It's a small role,' I go, 'Wait a second, that's the worst attitude to have.'

    • Louis Lombardi: Most of the roles I get are small roles that turn into huge parts, because I go there with energy and enthusiasm and excitement for whatever I'm doing; it doesn't matter what role I'm playing. If I like the role and I accept it, I don't care if it's one day or a TV show for two years. That's irrelevant. It's the part.

    • Louis Lombardi: (on acting) Just take any job you get. Don't worry about how big or small it is. If you have confidence in yourself, you can go out and make it as big or good a part as possible with one line or with fifty lines. Some people think right away that the part has to be huge to be a good part, which is nonsense.

    • Louis Lombardi: (on becoming an actor) I just did it. No training whatsoever. I went out there and started just doing it. Most people go to school, I did NYU Films... over and over. That was almost like an acting school, film school, writing school, editing school, I'd just do those films and watch how they made them. I would be on the set as an actor getting hands on acting school, I guess that was my acting class if you look at it that way.

    • Louis Lombardi: (on how he became an actor) When I was a kid, like 13, 14, I'd do NYU Films. I did them for like 6 years. I did all these NYU Films as an actor and then I ended up getting a big break by doing this independent film called Amongst Friends that Mira Sorvino cast me in. I went to Sundance that year in '93 and the film was a huge hit. Since then I've been working on every great movie, great TV show in the last 13 years.

    • Louis Lombardi: (on getting his role on 24) Joel Surnow saw me from a season of DVDs he rented from The Sopranos. He saw me in the role and he was like, 'Hey man, I love you in Sopranos. Do you wanna be on my show? I'm gonna write a little role for you.' I was like, 'Sure.' And he wrote Edgar, from Skip Lipari, which are the two most opposite roles, right or wrong? You look at both roles and they're not remotely close in any which way. It's like the total opposite character and he was creative like that.

  • What a fun actor to watch! Definately an "Underused" actor. Louis deserves to be given more scripts and would be great in a sit-com. If I were an agent, I would want this guy!moreless

    He's my man! Watching Louis, it's easy to envision this guy to be as genuine and likeable as he appears to be on the big screen. So I've spotted this actor visiting my living room when watching The Sopranos, Beverly Hills Cop and lately Ugly Betty!

    More actors like this guy would make life a little more fun when coming home from work and cable TV worth the monthly payment!

    I'll trade you my "Britney" and "Rossie" and give you B&O Railroad for your Louis Lombardi!

    Cheers from Utah!


    PS: jtkode, yea....not fun to see your favorite character bite the dust. But hey, even Kevin Costner played a corpse in the early years!moreless
  • My Absolute favorite person!

    Edger (Louis)...you’re the best! Wow he is my ultimate favorite person ever, I was so upset when he died on 24 it was the saddest moment in 24 history. He was such a good actor and he was the best person for his part, he played a timid, shy, genius person who ruled the computer. He was one of the best characters because you always felt bad for him because he did everything he needed to and more with almost no recognition for what he had done. This is exactly why he is a good actor, this part is so hard to play and he did it with almost no effort, (not saying he could do it any better because he did it perfect to start with) he really is one of my favorite actors ever! And when I say that I really mean it! I wish edger didn’t have to die so I could see more of Louis! Come back to 24! I hope he has a great carrier in the time because he definitely deserves one!moreless