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  • My Absolute favorite person!

    Edger (Louis)...you’re the best! Wow he is my ultimate favorite person ever, I was so upset when he died on 24 it was the saddest moment in 24 history. He was such a good actor and he was the best person for his part, he played a timid, shy, genius person who ruled the computer. He was one of the best characters because you always felt bad for him because he did everything he needed to and more with almost no recognition for what he had done. This is exactly why he is a good actor, this part is so hard to play and he did it with almost no effort, (not saying he could do it any better because he did it perfect to start with) he really is one of my favorite actors ever! And when I say that I really mean it! I wish edger didn’t have to die so I could see more of Louis! Come back to 24! I hope he has a great carrier in the time because he definitely deserves one!