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  • Untermeyer was made out to seem like a jovial,grandfatherly figure, but his radical leftist politics would belie the lovable old character he was trying to portray. Though doubtlessly an intellegent man, he's seen to be only a mediocre player of WHAT'S MY

    Louis Untermeyer was one of the original panelists on WHAT'S MY LINE? beginning in 1950. He was rather wide shouldered, had a balding head with white fluffy hair, small glasses, and resembled a burly version of Ed Wynn, in speech and mannerisms as well. As a player, he seemed often poor to mediocre, at least in his few surviving episodes.
    He was a radical communist poet who once wrote for such revolutionary publications as THE MASSES.
    He must have been exceedingly witty and charming on the elitist Manhattan cocktail party circuit, impressing the powers that be at GOODSON-TODMAN productions enough to use him on WML?.
    It's hard to believe they weren't aware of his Anti-American politics, even harder to believe it didn't occur to them he might be controversial. But he was and enough pressure was borne on the sponsor, Dr.Jules Montenier, maker of "STOPETTE" deodorant, by various civic groups to have him removed. He was replaced in 1951 by Bennett Cerf, who until then only had an off and on Guest spot on the panel.
    Much has been said about how Untermeyer's heart was broken by the decision, and how he didn't leave his room for a year afterward, but a man that would advocate the overthrow of the government and replacing it with a nightmare dictatorship like the ones communism offered, is hardly a figure to feel sorry for.