Louis van Amstel

Louis van Amstel


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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Louis van Amstel


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Louis first began his dance career at an early age, training in a theater school to gain a solid background in ballet, tap, and jazz. Upon graduating, Louis attended the University of the Arts in Amsterdam to further strengthen his skills in the classical dances and theory.


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    • Louis van Amstel: (on the check he received for $200,000 for his non-profit, Vision Worx) This money is so great because we can invite phenomenal dancers to be in a company and people around the world can enjoy their talents. Because of people like Enrique, we want to bring dance back, not only while Dancing with the Stars is on, but for the next 20 years, at least.

    • Louis van Amstel: (on his workout DVD) People at home can learn what the celebs learn on the show and get a great workout while having fun.

    • Louis van Amstel: Although the rumba is a slow dance, I've given Monique a lot of move requiring skills and not just be slow and tender -- which we've had enough of!

    • Louis van Amstel: A lot of people say that I don't know what I want. I know exactly what I want. But sometimes I don't know how to get there.

    • Louis van Amstel: With Julie Fryer I had my biggest success. We won three world titles and a European title. We also made the finals in the World Ten Dance Championship. I love the standard just as much as the Latin. The only thing I don't like about the standard is those bloody costumes! There's no freedom to move and I don't like the look of it. But I love the style and I teach it as well as the Latin. A lot of people in the states don't know that, but I've worked with Nick Kosovich and Katarina Marks and Clive Phillips and Karen McDonald.

    • Louis van Amstel: (how he got started dancing) My parents sent me when I was ten years old. They said it was part of my education, part of my growing up. I liked it so much that I forgot it was for my education.