Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh


8/5/1952, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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Louis Walsh


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  • What the???? This guy is even worse than Sharon Osbourne!

    Louie Walsh is yet another crappy judge who is like on Sharon's side not Simon's yet everytime a good contestant comes on Louie just either badmouths Simon or lets the good contestant lose yes,he's good in the auditions so is Sharon but when it's the Live Show there against each other cause of Louie Walsh of course Louis Walsh as they pronounce it here but i prefer pronouncing it L.O.U.I.E if Bob the Builder were real which he is'nt even though he has a single well if he does'nt he will come on the X Factor and he will suck out loud and Louie would like him and also if he came on the Live Show Louie would like him so would Sharon i can say this guy is'nt very bright like the famous Simon Cowell which is a bug success like Sharon Osbourne does the same job as her but he is better than Sharon cause he actually has a life meanwhile this guy is'nt even famous and stays in the UK both him and Sharon love the crap acts and crap acts such as the McDonald Bros and Eton.Rd got through thanks to him and Sharon if only they had better judges i can say this guy will always suck and forever more he will.moreless
  • The point of this guy is what exactly???????!!!!!!!

    Louis is the most irritating judge on the X Factor. Every time that he makes a comment on one of the contastants he either tries to be shocking and upset Simon or try to sidle up to Sharon. I cant help but get the feeling that I would enjoy the whole lot more if Louis wasn't on it. He is one of the most fake people on television and I really a cannot stand him.moreless