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    • Louise: (On No Angels) I think you've got so many other shows where nursing is very, very well represented. In that context, I think being up in arms about No Angels was a complete over-reaction. It's not really about what they do as nurses, it's more who they are as people. They just happen to be nurses. It's a comedy drama, not a documentary, it's not trying to be realistic, and it never set out to be.

    • Louise: (About choosing to study in the north) I learned how to drink Guinness and whisky and went to lots of ceilidhs. We had such a laugh and I don't think I'd have had that if I had gone to drama school down south.

    • Louise: (On her character Lia in 'No Angels') I think Lia wasn't very defined at the beginning, they weren't sure how they wanted her played. I got to put my own sort of stamp on the character.

    • Louise: (On crying for a scene) I don't really think of anything, I just let the situation and the words guide me.

    • Louise: (On old times with David Tennant) David is my oldest mate from drama school and one of my favourite things when we were there was him singing The Proclaimers' '500 Miles'.

    • Louise: (On having famous friends) It's quite strange to think of your friends in that way.

    • Louise: (On David Tennant) He's like my brother so it was all a bit weird, although it was funny, too. I'm likely to get taken out when he doesn't have anyone else to go with, I'm his stand-by.

    • Louise: (On performing difficult scenes) You have to put your mind somewhere that you may not choose to put it. You have to access stuff that you don't really want to think about or deal with.