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  • Trivia

    • BBC Drama have announced that Louise Lombard and Danny Dyer are to star in Blood Rush (working title), a gritty new two-part crime drama for BBC One.

    • Before playing the role of Liz Shaw in Bodyguards, to research the part, Louise spent time with a real-life female bodyguard who was responsible for protecting Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan.

    • Louise played opposite Richard Harris and Lynn Redgrave in My Kingdom in the year 2000. The film is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear and it was shown at both the Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival.

    • She has worked in 12 movies so far in her career.

    • She met her future husband Jon Stephen when she was cast in the tv show BodyGuards. He was working as a focus puller.

    • She began her acting career when she was still at school at the age of 14.

    • She went to Cambridge University to study Literature.

    • Louise Lombard has a son named Alejandro.

    • While shooting a scene for CSI, Louise had to stop mid-scene because she was overcome with nausea. She says that the make-up was so realistic that it made her feel sick.

    • Louise's height is five foot seven inches.

    • In an interview filmed on March 31st 2005 in Los Angeles, Louise admitted that she is unable to sew and can't draw particularly well. Ironic considering her role as fashion designer Evie Eliott.

    • There is an interview with Louise on the dvd release of series two of The House Of Eliott. In it, she talks about her experiences working on the show and her career since.

    • Louise starred in the 1996 ITV drama Bodyguards. She played Liz Shaw, a member of an elite protection team guarding VIPs against assassination attempts.

    • Since November 2004, Louise has made regular guest appearances in CSI as criminal investigator Sofia Curtis.

    • In 1990 Louise had a guest appearance in the BBC's hospital drama Casualty as Clare Jameson. Her House of Eliott co-star, Stella Gonet, was also a guest star in the show in 1986.

    • In 1993, Louise won a Swedish Aftonbladet Award (similar to the BAFTA and Emmy awards) for Best Female Foreign Television Personality for her performance as Evangeline in The House of Eliott.

    • Louise's first television role was in 1988 when she appeared in Twice Upon A Time.

    • Louise has studied photography and printing at St. Martin's College in London.

    • In 1993, Louise was nominated for a Best Actress Award in a Dramatic Series at the Cable Ace Awards for her role as Evangeline in the BBC Drama The House of Eliott.

    • Louise has performed in the West End production On Approval, directed by Peter Hall.

    • Louise starred in the successful stage production Now About You alongside Adam Faith, the 1950s singer and star of the hit 1970s television show Budgie.

    • Louise and Jon spent their honeymoon in the Caribbean.

    • Louise's Irish Catholic parents left Dublin in the mid 1950's.

    • Early in her career, Louise made an AIDS awareness television advert where she played a heroin addict.

    • Louise's first major television break came in 1990 when she appeared opposite Clive Owen in the ITV hit drama Chancer.

    • Louise left school at the age of 16 having gained nine ' O Levels.' Before she applied to Cambridge University, she completed an Open University course.

    • Louise's film After The Rain, about life under apartheid, was filmed on location in South Africa.

    • Louise began taking drama lessons at the age of eight.

    • Louise and Jon's wedding ceremony took place at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

    • Louise spent two months on location in Morocco filming the biblical story Esther.

    • In 2004, Louise starred alongside film legend Omar Shariff in Disney's Hidalgo.

    • Louise is from quite a large family; she is the fifth child of a family of seven.

    • Louise Lombard and Jon Stephens are not married anymore. Her new boyfriend's name is Alejandro, who is also the father of her son.

  • Quotes

    • Louise: My parents are probably the biggest influence in my life. I still find myself listening to them when I'm taking a decision. I have a very good relationship with my father. If I have problems, I can talk them through with him. He's a very wise man. He would say that at the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, you have to deal with what you've done that day. And if you can't face that, then something's got to change. My mother Is a strong woman - very much a fighter - and I think i've inherited my strength, which some people might call stubbornness, from her.

    • Louise: I went straight from school into acting. As a teenager, I wasn't necessarily qualified to make a life decision about my future. When I left school, it wasn't because I thought education was unimportant; there was always the thought I might return to it one day. Ultimately, I just think that an unexamined life is not worth living.

    • Louise: Before I met Jon, I didn't really understand why people got married. I honestly believed I never would. It would have been so much more exotic to have been untraditional, and I just couldn't see myself being with one person for the rest of my life. But when I met Jon, I pretty much knew straightaway. But we met on set and that is a big no-no. You don't form relationships with people you're working with.

    • Louise: Someone asked me the other day what it was like being the prettiest girl in the school. The answer is that I have no idea. I was the geeky, clever one who was always trying to be part of the crowd and never quite managing it.

    • Louise: I've come to accept that physical appearance is part of the package you have to offer. Rightly or wrongly, mainstream movies are driven by conventional requirements. And, unless you are reconciled to that, you're going to be continually frustrated and driven insane.

    • Louise Lombard: (On her American accent) It just comes and goes.
      Interviewer: Does no-one ever say you need to curl that 'R' a bit more Louise?
      Louise: (laughing) No one ever says that. They send me additional voice recordings, telling me there was a plane travelling over, or something.

    • Louise Lombard: (After being asked if she was nervous joining CSI so late) Absolutely. I've done enough TV series to know how tight that bond is with a cast. It very quickly becomes a tight family unit. I joined in the fifth season and I thought the producers were crazy, trying to bring in a new character. It was an unfounded fear, but I was anxious.

    • Louise Lombard: It's been a total life change. I'm not a domestic creature at all. I don't even know where the dishwasher is!