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Louise Shaffer was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and attended the Yale School of Drama. As an actress she appeared on and off Broadway, in such shows as, "First One Asleep Whistle", "The Women", "We Have Always Lived In A Castle", "The Butter and Egg Man", & "Bat Masterson's Last Regular Job". In 1983 she won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Rae Woodard. In the late 1980's Shaffer won a Writer's Guild Award for Best Script also for her work on "Ryan's Hope". In the mid-1990's Louise Shaffer became a published author and released two muder mysteries. In 2003 Shaffer released her critically acclaimed first novel "The Three Miss Margarets" from Random House Publishing. Shaffer's next novel, "The Ladies of Garrison Gardens" was released in May 2005.