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  • I\'ve seen her work. She had me in tears with such a great performance, on the hit TV show \"Without A Trace\" in episode A Tree Falls. I love watching a good tv show and seeing the actor bring me into their character\'s life. And that\'s what she did.moreless

    She is an amazing actor. I see her going places. I hope to see her soon. With all the crying she had to do. WOW. I believed her pain. searching for her son and not able to go to the Law for fear she would be deported. Was a incredible performance. The anguish she exposed was heart felt. thinking how many kids go missing daily. then realizing this could happen to someone who is an immigrant. what would they do? In her performance when the FBi agents show up at her work. you see the hope she has when they mention her son. then you see the agony in her face when they don\'t know where he is. GREAT PERFORMANCE!moreless