Luc Robitaille

Luc Robitaille


2/17/1966, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Luc Robitaille


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Luc is the all-time leading scoring left winger in National Hockey League history. He was originally drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in 1984. Due to his poor skating skills, he wasn't drafted until the ninth round. However, Luc worked hard to improve, and ended up winning the…more


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    • Luc (on opening his home to refugees of Hurricane Katrina) I think it was the right thing to do... We needed to get those people out of there and get them another chance in life.

    • Luc Robitaille: Some nights you'd see him try to climb up the stairs to get on an airplane and wonder, 'How can he be ready for a game in 24 hours?' But that's part of the package you see every day when you are around Steve Yzerman. I always thought I knew how much it took to win a Stanley Cup, but I didn't really get it until I sat in that locker room and on that bench and watched Steve.

    • Luc Robitaille: If you really put your mind to the game, you can use the weather to your advantage. And another good thing is: I always know that my car will start on time!

    • Luc Robitaille: We knew it was the last period before the Olympic break, so we had to go all out -- and we did. We just knew we had to keep coming. Sooner or later when that happens, you get rewarded with breaks. I just didn't know if it was going to be today. We controlled the puck better, made better dump-ins, and that was the biggest difference.

    • Luc Robitaille: I've been getting more and more ice time and more chances. Therefore, sooner or later, a puck is going to go in.

    • Luc Robitaille: This is something I had to do after seeing all the devastation. If I was out of hockey and nobody remembered my name, I'd be doing this. If my name can help people in some way now, then that's even better.

    • Luc Robitaille: We've watched the TV and seen everything that has happened in New Orleans... But this has affected [many areas]. I have seen photos, and it is horrible all around. There is not a place left standing.

    • Luc Robitaille: I told (a team executive), 'You guys owe me big on this one. That's a lot of freakin' jerseys.'

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