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  • " I Say Keep Agent LaSalle "

    Lucas Black is my favorite Actor in all the Episodes of NCIS New Orleans, I just adore his accent ... and absolutely love his character as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle. Black is an amazing young actor, enjoyed his acting also in Fast & Furious Tokyo !!!!
  • An amazing actor

    I've been following Lucas Black since "Crazy in He's an amazing young actor and I absolutely LOVE HIM in "NCIS" New
  • throw him out!

    Lucas is my least favorite of ALL the actors in all NCIS shows. I liked the Harrison character better! I even liked the college age girl that wore a wire better than him.
  • He is a great actor.

    Relly like him a lot. Great in "Crazy in Alabama".
  • Lucas is your average Texasman. He speaks with an accent and loves his fishing! I love this man so much. Since watching him act in Friday Night Lights, I have become infacturated with this man. Not only has he never received any kind of formal acting, he

    I love him so much. He is so cute and talented and funny. I love when he smile that half smile. He looks amazing in Friday Night Lights. I love this man. I wonder if he's married...If not, he needs to come holla at a playa!! I love him, yes!