Lucas Bryant

Lucas Bryant


Elmira, Ontario, Canada

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Lucas Bryant was born in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. He studied theatre at Oakville's Sheridan College. He has dual citizenship of Canada and the U.S. and is living in Los Angeles. He has appeared on stage all over Canada in such plays as The Crucible, The King and I,more


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    • Lucas:(On promotions for "MVP") In all aspects of promotion they've kind of knocked it out of the park. It's an easy push for Canadians to say it's a hockey show, absolutely, and then if you mention the words 'boobs' or 'a**' or 'hot,' those words always seem to do well, regardless of the context.

    • Lucas:(On his "MVP" co-star Kristin Booth) There's something about Kristin that I like to think I have as well. Which is just a really ridiculous sense of humour. She really loves people and messing with people but she's very sincere and honest and well-intentioned. I attribute that to growing up in the country -- you're forced to be not necessarily creative, but a bit more imaginative and to entertain yourself. If you're lucky you get some connection to where you're from and the land and earth and just something real.

    • Lucas: This is my thing -- playing Canadian sports heroes. I don't know if really there's anything that has to do with sports on anyone's minds about me, but I just wandered into a couple of these things, so now I'm calling it my 'forte.'

    • Lucas:(On people's reactions to his role on "MVP") When I was in Elmira over Christmas this guy I've known a long time comes up to me and he's like . . . (affecting a pothead accent) . . . 'Huh? Lucas Bryant playing the captain of a hockey team? Dude, I did not know the meaning of 'irony' until I heard that!' [I was] the guy that got beat up by the captains of the hockey team! the guy that was in the theatre club, the guy that was probably a bit too expressive and perhaps flashy to be a picked out as the hockeyhead.

    • Lucas: What do I have in common with Ken Read and Gabe on MVP? They're both reluctant leaders just finding their voice -- not the hoo-hah guys who eat chicken heads, not the full-on meatheads. These are the thinking man's sportsmen.

    • Lucas: I am Canadian and like a good card-carrying Canadian, I was born playing hockey. We did actually play a little bit [on MVP] but it's not so much on the air.

  • Yummy!

    What can you say this guy is hot hot hot...make that HOT HOT HOT. I justed started watching MVP on Soap Net and he for sure is a big reason I have stayed watching it. I am trying to figure out if they will continue it on Soapnet or if this will be the end of hunky hockey player Gabe? He is playing one of those roles where he is truly a good guy besides being eye candy. You want to root for him and Connie because you want it to be real. A giy like that wanting an ordinary girl.moreless
  • Playing House is now my second favorite movie of all time!! Lucas Bryant is a brilliant actor and I am a very huge fan!!!

    Lucas Bryant was absolutlety incredible in Playing House! I loved him so much he made me tear throughout most of the movie! He was selfless, charming, supportive, physically, emotionally, and spiritually there for his new family. He was AMAZING! He represented the exact features of the perfect man for ALL women, and in a good way broke my heart! Lucas Bryant brought out the best of Calvin Puddie. He made him into a man who has soul and depth in the very esence of what is man! I\'m still in awe and am looking forward to buying the dvd.moreless