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    • Lucas:(On promotions for "MVP") In all aspects of promotion they've kind of knocked it out of the park. It's an easy push for Canadians to say it's a hockey show, absolutely, and then if you mention the words 'boobs' or 'a**' or 'hot,' those words always seem to do well, regardless of the context.

    • Lucas:(On his "MVP" co-star Kristin Booth) There's something about Kristin that I like to think I have as well. Which is just a really ridiculous sense of humour. She really loves people and messing with people but she's very sincere and honest and well-intentioned. I attribute that to growing up in the country -- you're forced to be not necessarily creative, but a bit more imaginative and to entertain yourself. If you're lucky you get some connection to where you're from and the land and earth and just something real.

    • Lucas: This is my thing -- playing Canadian sports heroes. I don't know if really there's anything that has to do with sports on anyone's minds about me, but I just wandered into a couple of these things, so now I'm calling it my 'forte.'

    • Lucas:(On people's reactions to his role on "MVP") When I was in Elmira over Christmas this guy I've known a long time comes up to me and he's like . . . (affecting a pothead accent) . . . 'Huh? Lucas Bryant playing the captain of a hockey team? Dude, I did not know the meaning of 'irony' until I heard that!' [I was] the guy that got beat up by the captains of the hockey team! the guy that was in the theatre club, the guy that was probably a bit too expressive and perhaps flashy to be a picked out as the hockeyhead.

    • Lucas: What do I have in common with Ken Read and Gabe on MVP? They're both reluctant leaders just finding their voice -- not the hoo-hah guys who eat chicken heads, not the full-on meatheads. These are the thinking man's sportsmen.

    • Lucas: I am Canadian and like a good card-carrying Canadian, I was born playing hockey. We did actually play a little bit [on MVP] but it's not so much on the air.