Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank


8/29/1993, Nebraska, USA

Birth Name

Lucas Allan Cruikshank



Also Known As

Fred Figglehorn, Fred
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Lucas Cruikshank was born in August 29, 1993. He is the middle child of his family with two brothers and five sisters. He is a director and actor. Lucas began by posting videos on with his two cousins John and Katie. Then, he created "Fred", to make…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lucas likes mac and cheese and big macs.

    • The "Fred" videos Lucas makes usually receive between 1 and 9 million views per video.

    • Before Lucas comes up with ideas for his "Fred" episodes he comes up with 10 titles and figures out where each video is going to go.

    • Lucas was recruited by several movie executives to promote the movie City Of Ember.

    • Lucas writes, directs, edits, and films all of his "Fred" videos himself.

    • When Lucas makes a new video his siblings are the first people to see it to make sure it's funny enough.

    • Lucas and his two cousins made a total of $14,000 on YouTube for 7 million video plays during the month of February.

    • 'Fred Goes Swimming' was nominated for the 35th Annual People's Choice Awards for "Favorite User Generated Video; but lost to 'Barack Roll'.

      Lucas won "Favorite Webstar" at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

    • Lucas's Favorites:

      Movies: Ace Ventura, Knocked Up, Juno, Zoolander, Dumb and Dumber, Superbad, Meet the Fockers, Rushmore, Superstar, Annie Hall, and Blades of Glory
      Television Shows: Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Saved by the Bell, The Larry Sanders Show, The Soup, Extras, and Curb Your Enthusiasm
      "Fred" episodes: 'Fred Stalks Judy' and 'Fred Tries to Rides a Bike'

    • Lucas uses a Zip It in his "Fred" videos with a special deal with the company that makes them.

    • Lucas is 5'8".

  • Quotes

    • Lucas: I just wanted to make a video for Halloween, so I created Fred and sped up the voice. I have little brothers and sisters and know how funny they can be.

  • I feel mixed

    Lucas is actually a pretty decent and funny guy on Fred The Show (which I gave 8 out of 10). I did`nt like Marvin Marvin though. Still, he`s just entertaining enough to watch.
  • The guy that gives us haters headaches

    Uh's none other than Lucas Cruikshank. That annoying guy from YouTube. The one that plays the annoying and childish Fred figglehorn. Like Orange from the Annoying Orange, Lucas is SO annoying that my brain will most likely be screwed if see any more commercial of Fred. I have to say that he is in the same position of Justin Bieber. They're both guys who are famous on entertainment, the girls love them, and they are really pain in the butt to me that I want to bang myself every time I see something about them. Just like Justin Bieber, I hope Fred...I mean Lucas' fame will be over soon. Also, more stuffs about Fred, he just never shut IP because of his chimpunk voice. That's why I can't stand Lucas Cruikshank. Overall, a really annoying guy...Nick, get rid of his show please. 1/10moreless