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  • An excellent and beautiful actress

    Luci has a wonder voice and looks. She does an amazing job on Anime shows. And she shows great talent while voicing her characters.
  • She's just great! She is so well-rounded, and roles just seem to fall perfectly on her lap.

    I got the chance to see Luci Christian at Phoenix Catcus Comic Con, in a panel. I was amazed at how down to earth and open minded she was!
    She has a lot going on for her right now, and rightfully so. She is the perfect voice for the bubble characters (Someone has to do them!) and her fun personality does just voice them, but she seems to actually love doing what she's doing. Insightful, she didn't sugar-coat the industry. But gave the pros and cons to her work, and noted how it isn't as easy as it sounds. She also mentions that with the new management with anime, it is very hard it is to meet deadlines.