Lucie Silvas

Lucie Silvas


9/4/1980, Surrey, England

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Singer and Songwriter, Lucie Silvas has known music ever since she was a child. Her mother was a singer as well, and Lucie went to her performances. She began playing the piano, by herself, when she was 5 years old, and wrote her first love-song when she was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The Same Side Singles List:

      1. Last Year (November 6, 2006).
      2. Sinking In (March 5, 2007).
      3. Place To Hide (next single).

    • Lucie had a duet with singer Reamonn called The Only Ones, released late 2006. It was featured on the band's album Wish. Reamonn is a German rock band, known for the song Supergirl.

    • Lucie has appeared alongside Elton John in the Ivor Novello Elton John Tribute Show (on TV) in 2004.

    • Lucie has featured a duet with Dutch singer Marco Borsato, Everytime I Think of You, on her Dutch edition of her second album The Same Side.

    • Lucie's second album, The Same Side, was released October 23, 2006. It has 12 songs, with the most famous Last Year, which was her first single from the album. The album was released only in the Netherlands and reached Gold status.

    • Lucie, along with the critically acclaimed songwriter, Eg White, co-wrote Will Young's single Who Am I.

    • Lucie has a Spanish version of What You're Made Of, a duet with Antonio Orozco.

    • Lucie has released a french version of her hit What You're Made of. The song is called Même Si, a duet with Grégory Lemarchal.

    • Lucie's Chinese Astrology sign is Monkey - an energetic person who knows how to have good time.

    • Lucie Silvas' two sisters also know what music is. Mia performed along with Lucie as backing singers for Judie Tzuke, and Nicki performs as vocalist for their cousin's band.

    • Lucie Silvas has carried out a Jazz version of her hit What You're Made Of on Radio Clyde.

    • Lucie Silvas summarizes her first year as a famous person in 3 words: Surreal, Riveting and Compelling.

    • Lucie Silvas is compared vocally to Delta Goodrem, and Mariah Carey.

    • Lucie Silvas features in her debut album, Breathe In, a cover for Metallica's hit Nothing Else Matters.

    • Lucie Silvas was born on September 4, 1980.

    • Lucie Silvas sold more then 300,000 copies of Breathe In, her debut album, in just 9 weeks.

    • Lucie Silvas' musical influences range from Stevie Wonder to Nat King Cole, to her favourite, The Carpenters.

    • By the age of 5 Lucie Silvas had learned to play piano by ear, and by the age of 10 she had written her first love-song.

    • Lucie Silvas was a backing vocalist for ex Take That, vocalist Gary Barlow, and for the singer Judie Tzuke, before she started working on her materials.

    • Lucie Silvas has already a platinum album and 4 top 40 singles (from her debut album).

    • Lucie Silvas has two older sisters: Mia and Nicki.

    • Lucie Silvas' mother, Isobel, was also a singer.

    • Lucie Silvas was born in Surrey, England, to a father from New Zealand and a mother from Scotland.

    • Lucie Silvas wrote songs for hit-british-stars Rachel Stevens, Gareth Gates and Liberty X, before starting to work on her materials. She also supported Macy Gray.

    • Her debut album, Breathe In, was released in October 2004, with these songs:
      1. Don't Look Back
      2. The Game Is Won
      3. Last Man Standing
      4. Forget Me Not
      5. Breathe In
      6. Nothing Else Matters
      7. Without You
      8. What You're Made Of
      9. Twisting The Chain
      10. No Defence
      11. The Longer We're Apart
      12. Like You Love Me
      13. Seven Veils

  • Quotes

    • Lucie Silvas: (about being a songwriter for hire) You either want to be an artist or write for other people - it's very difficult to be both.

    • Lucie Silvas: (about fate) In the song The Game Is Won it says 'If everything is how it should be then everything will come'. As clichéd as it sounds, I do believe in fate.

    • Lucie Silvas: On stage I feel completely, 100% myself. You can never really see an artist until you see them live.

    • Lucie Silvas: (about next album) Everything inspires me to write, there's so much happening. Any piece of news can trigger lyrics. And so much has happened since the release of Breathe In I've got loads to write about.

    • Lucie Silvas: I like music because... it provokes every kind of emotion there is. I can't imagine life without music!

  • Lucie Silvas is simply the best!

    There are several types of music. Actually dozens. But one kind of music is called must-have. You must have at least one disc of this kind, in your collection. "Breathe In" of Lucie is one very good example.

    Quality. Voice. Vocal abilities. Confidence. Strength. Not every singer has this characteristics. Lucie Silvas has. She worked hard over five years in order to get into the industry. She didn't win any Pop-Idol show on TV, she wasn't recognized by a famous manager of record company. She made it herself.

    Lucie's first try wasn't that good. MTV and other major market forces don't let young artists show what they have. They have to fight for it. So she took several years of silence, working with known artists as Macy Gray and Rachel Stevens. She has become more adult, more understanding. And with those abilities, she found her path in the industry.

    Lucie's debut album is no less then excellent. Her voice fits together into her own music. She makes perfect music. Even when she took Metallica's Hit, "Nothing Else Matters", she made it even better. Its new melody screams out, "Why haven't no-one taught about it before?"

    Singles as "What You're Made Of" and "Don't Look Back" proves her to be a star. She's going to be a star for a long time, so you better get yourself her album, before you'll regret it.moreless