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  • One of the best comic actresses.

    Just one word, GREAT!!
  • i love lucy

    one of the oringal female enertainers . of course people remember her for her show i love lucy i was not born when that show came out but i have all the boxsets of her show and have seen all the eps. her show made her really big. i love such eps as the camping trip and when they worked in the choclate factory. she was a great enertainer and one of the best of her time. and she did also did comedy acts on other shows. i respect her as one of the best of her time. and i thank her for making a wonderful show.
  • All Hail the Queen

    Lucile Ball is without a doubt the funniest woman to have ever lived, and paved the way for comedy as we know it. Let's go back to the Fifties. Before Tina Fey, before Gilda Radner, before Mary Tyler Moore, when a show known as "I Love Lucy" dominated the country. Why did America shut down those night's. Because of the wacky antic's of the Craziest Red Head that ever lived.
    Even after "I Love Lucy" Lucielle ball remained a Television staple with show's like "The Lucy Show", "Here's Lucy" and regretably the short lived "Life With Lucy".
    A woman who started out as a small time actress later became the first Queen of Comedy and will always be remebered in that right.
  • I love lucy

    Hi everyone, lucielle ball is a great and clasic actress. She is a staple in our house and familyy on my dad's side. Everyone loves lucy. She is talented and hystericaly funny. Her shows are good. and in the mall i go to on the tvs in the hallways and eating area hav news, hollywod gossip, home improvement tips and my favorite part... I love lucy moments. Lucy ball is great, my younger sister chose to be her for a a fake celebrity party to watch the emmys lucy ball is talented and does all she does well. Yay lucy,
  • One of the original female physical comedians.

    Lucille Ball was an amazing actress. Her ability to do such classic humor which is still enjoyed to this day is immense. Her acting was so flawless and natural that anyone would really believe that she was like that outside of the studio. She has defienently become a rolemodel to every generation after her. Even today, there are many who try to imitate the comical genius if Lucille. As her show " I Love Lucy" became a televison staple, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of her amazing acting as well. She could move n and out of serious roles like nothing. She will be a legend forever.
  • One of the greatest acteress that can never be forgotten and will always be loved throughout the years.

    The loveable Lucille Ball.Some may not have heard of her.But others do remembered her.She is well known acteress such as an show known as "I Love Lucy" one of the greatest show ever.Before she made it big.She had started in small films before making it big.Than she married Desi Arnez,and the two together started to build their own show known as "I Love Lucy" that show became an hit.This show is an instant classic.I had heard the other shows that she Lucille Ball has been in which is "The Lucy Show" or "Here Comes Lucy" but still to me she is the best in "I Love Lucy" also on this musical movie called Auntie Mame.Altough that she is gone.She is still one of the all time great actor.I love Lucy continues on airing for all I Love Lucy fans.
  • Remarkable, truely remarkable.

    I'll be straightforward--I have only seen Lucille Ball on "I Love Lucy", but it made me see how amazing she is as an actress!

    She will always be remembered as one of the greats in television history. I was not part of the generation that saw Lucille Ball on "current television" but I'm sure glad I get to see her today, even though she's deceased. Lucy was one of the most talented actresses of her time. Her most popular show, "I Love Lucy", definintely deserved the ratings it got. It was superb, the acting of Ms. Ball and her co-stars was flawless. It's now my second favorite television show and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. Lucielle Ball had true talent and will forever be remembered for it.
  • Truly one of the best comedians of our time.

    Lucille Ball is best known as Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo, the zany, red-head housewife on the 1950s television show I Love Lucy. She is considered, in my opinion, one of the best comedians/comediennes of all time. She's known for her flaming red hair and crazy facial expressions. Lucille tried for years to make it into the movies, and was unsuccessful with creating a big name for herself in show business until I Love Lucy premiered on CBS in 1951 starring herself and her then husband, Desi Arnez. Throughout her career Lucille reached many achievements. One of her greatest is that she was the first woman to own a film studio. She has been missed by many since her death in 1989.
  • Lucille Ball is one of the greatest stars of all time.

    Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York and she went to school until she was 16. She decided to go into acting and in 1940, she married Cuban Desi Arnaz. Then, 11 years later, they make a show called I Love Lucy. This show was about Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz). They usually have misadventures with their landlords, Fred (William Frawley) and Ethel (Vivian Vance) Mertz. After the show ended in 1957, the did a spin-off series called The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. When they did the last episode, the next day, Lucy and Desi would get a divorce. This ended one of the world's greatest marriages in all time. She came back in 1960 and the show was called The Lucy Show. In the 1970s, she did a show called Here's Lucy that co-starred her kids (Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr.). Later, in the beginning of the 1980s, she did a show called Life With Lucy. The ratings weren't that good and it was cancelled after 13 episodes. Sadly, on April 26, 1989, Lucille Ball had died. She is still considered one of the greatest stars of all time.
  • Lucy is truly remarkable!

    Lucille Ball will forever be remembered as one of the greatest actresses in TV history. While also great in movies, TV is where Lucy found her audience and certainly where she shined the brightest. "Trendsetter" is not a good enough title for Lucy--but appropriate nonetheless. She revitalized and really created what we call modern television. Television was, up until "I Love Lucy" premiered, not a respected media outlet. Contrary, it was for has-beens. But "I Love Lucy" changed that...between celebrity guest stars, amazing popularity, and Desi Arnaz's (her ex-husband) genuis mind for t.v. ...Lucy's show changed television! "I Love Lucy" is still the number one show (ratings wise) in t.v. history. After this gem, Lucy went to star in multiple other series..."Life with Lucy" was also quite popular. Ms. Ball's physical comedy and her professionalism was always flawless. She was always up to the challenge--every actress should aspire to Lucy's excellence!
  • she is talented.

    Lucille Ball is vey talented. I like that she makes people laugh. She really does prove that laughter is one of the greatest. I like watching her alot. When I see an episode of I love Lucy I laugh so much. She never gave up. She was a hard worker. She will always be remembered. She will always be good to watch. Lucy is wonderful because of how great she is. She was part of television history. I Love Lucy reruns will still be on television because it is so good. Lucy was great and will always be remembered.
  • The best comedienne ever lived

    She was the best comedienne ever. She was a brilliant business woman, and was always ahead of the curve. She and Desi pioneered the live audience and three camera angle. Her timing was impeccable. She could play anything without batting an eye. She made it look easy. The mold was broken when they made her. I doubt anyone will come along who will even h old a candle to her.
  • What a wonderful lady.

    She is one of the twentieth centuries most talented and beloved comediennes of all time. She has own unique sense of style and is definetely not shy when expressing her opinions on certain matters. She was the woman who put her foot in the door and made way for female actresses everywhere. I loved how she just always had a plan on how to get her way. She was hillarious and should be more recognized for her talent and hard work. I watch her movies and television shows all of the time. She never gets old and everyone everywhere would definetely get a kick out of her.
  • I Love Lucy

    Who doesn't love Lucy ? she is probably, o without a doubt, the greatest female comedian of all time, anda entertainment genius, I love Lucy was on almost twenty years before I was born and it is among my favorite TV shows, no matter how many times I see them I love every episode, she was the best female entertainer ever. and I do not see anyone changing that any time soon
  • One of the most talented people ever!

    I did a report on her this year, before I even knew it was her. I was actually going to do Marilyn Monroe, but it was taken. So I chose Lucille Ball because all I knew was that I wanted to do an actress from a long time ago. So I started my research, and found that it was the woman from I Love Lucy! And she just slowly found her way into my heart, and now shes kind of an obsession. haha. But she is just so talented. Her work will never fade.
  • Timeless.

    Lucille Ball is so amazing. I love her! She has always been someone I've admired as I grew and continue to grow up. "I Love Lucy" and "The Lucy Show" are definetly some of my favourite shows in the world. Her comedy was hilarious and people are still laughing 50 years later. She is an actress who will never be forgotten. She had amazing talent and always captivated her audience. She had great comedic timing, and always had everyone laughing. Never self-concious, she would do outrageous things that kept people going. She was an awesome comedic genius. It must have been so hard not to laugh doing all the crazy things she did!
  • The Queen of Comedy!

    Given the frequency with which today's shows come and go, it's hard to believe that one show is still world renowned some 50 years later. There's a reason for the incomparable success of a show like I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was an absolute comic genius. Her strong sense of timing and hearty ability to make fun of herself has enthroned her as the standard to which all comedians still strive to achieve. Who will ever forget the "Vitameatavegamin" episode? How about the episode when Lucy and Ethel worked in the chocolate factory? Or when Lucy went to stomp grapes while in Italy? Lucy's wild escapades were always followed by Ricky's straight line: "Lucy! You've got some 'splainin' to do!" Lucille Ball, in all her carnations, has made us all laugh and she has become one of the most popular pop culture icons the world has ever known. The world is definitely a brighter place because Lucille Ball has been a part of it.