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  • Lucy is truly remarkable!

    Lucille Ball will forever be remembered as one of the greatest actresses in TV history. While also great in movies, TV is where Lucy found her audience and certainly where she shined the brightest. "Trendsetter" is not a good enough title for Lucy--but appropriate nonetheless. She revitalized and really created what we call modern television. Television was, up until "I Love Lucy" premiered, not a respected media outlet. Contrary, it was for has-beens. But "I Love Lucy" changed that...between celebrity guest stars, amazing popularity, and Desi Arnaz's (her ex-husband) genuis mind for t.v. ...Lucy's show changed television! "I Love Lucy" is still the number one show (ratings wise) in t.v. history. After this gem, Lucy went to star in multiple other series..."Life with Lucy" was also quite popular. Ms. Ball's physical comedy and her professionalism was always flawless. She was always up to the challenge--every actress should aspire to Lucy's excellence!