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  • One of the greatest acteress that can never be forgotten and will always be loved throughout the years.

    The loveable Lucille Ball.Some may not have heard of her.But others do remembered her.She is well known acteress such as an show known as "I Love Lucy" one of the greatest show ever.Before she made it big.She had started in small films before making it big.Than she married Desi Arnez,and the two together started to build their own show known as "I Love Lucy" that show became an hit.This show is an instant classic.I had heard the other shows that she Lucille Ball has been in which is "The Lucy Show" or "Here Comes Lucy" but still to me she is the best in "I Love Lucy" also on this musical movie called Auntie Mame.Altough that she is gone.She is still one of the all time great actor.I love Lucy continues on airing for all I Love Lucy fans.