Lucinda Lewis

Lucinda Lewis


Montreal, Canada

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Laurie Ronson
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Lucinda has partnered with an independent production company and will be the Executive Producer on her first documentary set for a release in 2013. She began Principal photography in October 2012, and will be shooting on location in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. The project is 'Imagine…more


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    • Lucinda is very active in the Art World in NY, London and Canada, and shares photos from Gallery Openings with her fans and friends often on Facebook.

    • In 1984, Lucinda launched The Loyalists of the Vampire Realm and the Vampire Realm Product Center making her the first female owned and operated business in the Comic Book and Horror Industry. She was a pioneer who believed in the mythology/genre and launched a highly successful business that is the largest of its kind in the world with over 350,000 paid members worldwide. The Vampire Realm generates $2.5 million plus annually through membership dues and product sales, and is self sustaining with no paid advertisements in the quarterly newsletter.

    • Participant in 'The First Dracula Congress' in Romania (1995). The Ministry of Tourism hand-selected 200 press and media representatives from around the world to help promote Transylvania Tours and entice Film Production to Romania.

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