Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown


2/13/1979, Crawley , West Sussex

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Lucy Brown



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Claudia brown on primeval
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Born in Crawley, West Sussex Lucy is an English actor born on February 13th 1979.Daughter of Helen and Christopher she has a younger brother called Mark and at the age of nine moved to Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire. Lucy attended a boarding prep school (King's college school) and Hills…more


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    • Lucy: (On changing her mind set to play Jenny Lewis) Coming on set, I was so familiar with the rest of the cast and with the premise, and I had to try to put that to the back seat and go, "Hang on, I don't know any of you, what any of you like or dislike, what your rhythms are, how I feel about different people..." To come in every day and try and see it with new eyes was an absolute challenge.

    • Lucy: (On Cambridge) I love London but sometimes you just need to take some time out, and Cambridge tends to be the best for me. It really is my home.

    • Lucy: (On the use of imagination in acting) Of course there's a lot of giggling, but you just have to get on with it, it's a job. People have asked me how you do it and actually it's just down to your own imagination. You just have to imagine this particular creature is right there, and think how you'd react.

    • Lucy: (On the impact of work on her personal life) I dream about work every night that I'm on set because it's such a massive part of my day, and a series like this is just so vivid. I think I should still be on the payroll!

    • Lucy: (On her switch from playing Claudia to Jenny) Of course, during the first series, ideas were still buzzing around. It was a really exciting time. I think the way they've written Jenny through this is incredibly interesting. The format has been shaken up in the second series and no one is quite what they seem. Just when you think you feel comfortable with where a character is going, it takes a sharp left turn.

    • Lucy: (On the fame her role in Primeval will bring) How do you prepare for something like that? I think you've just got to keep living your own life. Ignore that side of it, work as hard as you can and hope the show's a success.

    • Lucy: I had been at boarding school and I left there purely because I couldn't follow the route I wanted in drama, there was no outlet at all for that. I came to Hills Road and I walked into the most fantastic drama department, and a great group of people. And it was there they took me aside and said: 'Have you ever heard of drama school?', which I never had done before. So if I hadn't gone to Hills Road, I probably wouldn't be here now.

    • Lucy: I was always the third star from the left. I didn't do well at school plays until I was 13 and was in the first intake of girls to an all boys boarding school. We were greeted with open arms by their theatre because they'd had boys playing the girls' parts up until then. I played Nina in The Seagull, that was when I realised I liked acting.

    • Lucy: I've spent most of my career in corsets.

    • Lucy: (On acting to thin air) In a lot of the action scenes our assistant director pretended to be a monster and growled at us and chased us around. I'm not sure how helpful that was. I pretended these creatures were attacking me and was hitting the air with the golf club and hoping it looked like I was hitting something. Then I had to throw myself to the floor and look like I was being attacked. I looked like a real idiot but it was a laugh.

  • I agree, I think Lucy Brown is hugely talented and gorgeous gorgeous!!

    I think she is brilliant in Primeval and in Sharpe's Challenge she was a true english rose beauty... and most of all I thought she was so awesome in 'Malice Aforethought' she plays the feisty yet vulnerable Ivy with such class and beauty - Ben Miller and her seem to work very well together on both shows. it also seems that she's a very cool person when u see her on interviews, check them out on You tube! She's also very funny on them, I think she should do some comedy next...I think Lucy Brown is going to be a big star in the future, watch this space...moreless
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    I think that lucy brown is one of the hottest best new actresses to come out in the last year. she has shown her acting ability well i think in the films and tv shows she has starred in! I cannot wait to see more of her on tv.