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  • Fantastic actress, and utterly beautiful. Can handle subtle changes in mood as well as the all-out showboat stuff. Unfortunately, too good-looking for British TV, but I hope her wonderful talents break down that barrier.

    Lucy manages the changes and subtleties of her 'Meadowlands' character with astonishing ease. I especially remember the 'Please talk to me' scene with her son. She is heart-breaking.

    Her role as Princess Margaret must have been very difficult, but she pulled it off with great flair and total conviction. She shone in the risky part of the teacher in the Christmas TV story, 'Ballet Shoes', more than matching the wonderful Marc Warren, and lifted what might have been a mawkish romance story (it was not in the book and could have seemed incongruous in the TV adaptation). She has great originality and versatility and deserves roles as big as her talent. I hesitate to mention actresses' beauty, because their 'face character' should matter more, but I honestly believe that her beauty holds her back as far as British TV is concerned - it prefers to cast handsome, girl-next-door types in the meatier roles.