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    • Lucy: (about her famous father) He's really private and I respect that. He never got us into the press as children or anything, so when people ask me what he was like as a father I think: 'Why don't you ask him?'

    • Lucy: Everyone thinks my mum and I must share an extra special bond. We do support each other, but the truth is that we were close before my illness.

    • Lucy: (about "The Office" winning at the Golden Globes) It was a real shock. I had my face all set for them to announce Sex and the City. We all thought we'd misheard.

    • Lucy: I can't do an American accent to save my life. I've had so many lessons and I'm getting better but I just sound a bit less like Mary Poppins.

    • Lucy: Of course, if I become a great film star that would be fantastic - I won't deny it. But that wasn't the reason that I went into acting. I went into acting because I love it.

    • Lucy: I just hate the gym. I'd rather read a book than do sit-ups and I've put a little weight back on.

    • Lucy (On her character, Dawn, in "The Office"): When we first started we wondered whether Lee hit her, but Ricky Gervais wasn't keen on anything so black and white. Nothing's ever rocked Dawn's boat at all. Her parents were never divorced, she didn't have a traumatic childhood, she's never had to worry too much about money. Nobody's ever forced her to do anything. She never did any A-levels. She's born and bred in Slough, though for some reason she's never picked up the accent - another failing of mine.