Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless


Mount Albert, New Zealand

Birth Name

Lucille Francis Ryan


  • Lucy Lawless from Spartacus: Vengeance
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"Her courage will change the world"-- Xena: Warrior Princess. Lucy was born Lucille Frances Ryan on March 29, 1968, in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand; she was the 5th of 7 children, of Frank and Julie Ryan. Lucy enjoyed acting and appeared in many plays in high school.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lucy's favorite sport is ice hockey.

    • Lucy sings back-up and is featured in the OMC video of the song "4 All of Us".

    • Lucy is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

    • Lucy's projected show, the American version of Football Wives was not picked up by the network, despite the pilot's initial success with test audiences.

    • Lucy played a total of eight recurring and important characters on Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess: Lysia, Lyla, Xena, Princess Diana, Meg, Mel, Leah and Annie. This total doesn't include disguises, impersonations, clones or fairy tale stories.

    • At the tenth anniversary Xena Warrior Princess convention Lucy and Renee made a very big and unexpected entrance- they jumped out of a cake together!

    • Lucy had hair extensions put into her hair for Xena not to extend it's length but to make it fuller. She really didn't like them, since they were put in semi-permanently and she couldn't easily run her fingers through her hair with them on her.

    • Lucy has stated that the first thing she bought with her money on Xena: Warrior Princess was a Mercedes.

    • Lucy prides herself on working with charities and is even on the Board of Trustees at the Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Lucy received a New Zealand Order of Merit in Auckland for her success in acting.

    • When Lucy fled New Orleans during Katrina, a stranger let them stay at their house to be safe until the storm passed.

    • Lucy has stated that while filming Xena: Warrior Princess, she was not allowed to wear her wedding ring (which cost $40,000) so she kept it pinned or tied up to her underwear to always keep it with her.

    • In an interview with Playboy Magazine, Lucy joked about what she thought Xena would have had Hercules' labors be. She joked that she (Xena) would have him wearing a French maid outfit with a collar and cleaning Centaur droppings.

    • Lucy has stated that she calls herself a "recovering Christian."

    • In 1997, Lucy was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best TV Actress in a Genre show for her title role on Xena: Warrior Princess.

    • For six seasons, Lucy never gave a direct comment on her feelings about her title character on Xena: Warrior Princess' relationship with her side-kick Gabrielle. Whenever she was asked by fans or reporters about the "soul mate" issue, Lucy admittedly danced around the issue. It wasn't until the last two episodes of the series that she made up her mind. Lucy stated that once she learned about Xena's past with Akemi, she knew right then that Xena and Gabrielle were indeed soul mates.

    • The people who wrote Eurotrip wrote Lucy's role just for her and asked her to take the role after they saw her appear on Saturday Night Live.

    • The San Francisco Chronicle once did a poll for kids asking who they would like to be. Xena came in at number three. After learning this, Lucy still did not consider herself important enough to be a role model.

    • Lucy has stated that her daughter had her own Xena: Warrior Princess action figures and she like to play with the Xena figure.

    • Lucy invited her Xena: Warrior Princess co-star Renee O'Connor to her concert in LA in January, 2007. Renee sang some backup for Lucy and even danced on stage with her.

    • Lucy's biggest complaint about her role of Xena? Having to wear body paint to give her a tan. She frequently lamented that it was not easy to clean out of her bathtub and sheets, and they changed to a lighter skin tone in later seasons to make the problem a little less noticeable.

    • Lucy was amongst a group of guests invited to share lunch with President Bill Clinton when he was in New Zealand for the APEC economic summit. She found Bill "incredibly engaging", and he says he is "a big fan of Lucy's".

    • For the Xena episode "The God You Know", Lucy's costume included a bra and a pair of fishnet shorts. She wore the same outfit as a joke when invited to a party thrown by Adam Sandler. But it was even more funny when she found out that the party was at a bowling alley! She says her rented bowling shoes went perfectly with the outfit. Of course, she was laughing at the time she said that.

    • While Lucy was in New York filming a guest appearance on Less Than Perfect she wanted to see what it was like to be in the studio audience for a sitcom, so she went to see Will and Grace.

    • Lucy has stated that she will be acting on her friend and fellow Xena cast member Ted Raimi's internet show.

    • Lucy learned ballet for her role on Football Wives.

    • Lucy has stated that she and her husband Rob have flown out to New York City to watch the Evil Dead Musical play.

    • Lucy actually has Xena greeting cards that she hands out to people that say "Welcome to the Lucy Lawless experience."

    • In the Xena episode One Against An Army Xena says to the invading Persian Army, "Go home, there are thousands more like me." Lucy's reaction to seeing it on film? "I can't believe they bought that. Why didn't I even question that line? I probably did and they said 'Just shut up, Lucy, say it'."

    • Lucy started singing on stage professionally and even released her own CD because of what she did on Celebrity Duets. She enjoyed it so much that she just thought she would branch out her career to include singing more.

    • Lucy has bungee jumped off a helicopter and the Sky Tower in Auckland.

    • Lucy played "Madame Van der Sexx", the owner of an Amsterdam brothel in the movie Eurotrip. While in Prague filming, Lucy went busking in her spare time. She found a group of street musicians and asked if she could sing along. They were delighted, and asked her if she knew any Pink Floyd.

    • When Tarzan went into production they had another actress playing the part of Kathleen Clayton and filmed five episodes with her. But for whatever the reason they decided to make a change and asked Lucy to take over. She would work on new episodes during the day and reshoot the scenes from the first five episodes at night until they were all caught up.

    • Lucy's favorite episode on Xena was "Is There a Doctor in the House?."

    • Lucy's narration for the Discovery Channel's "Warrior Women" series took her to China (Mulan), France (Joan of Arc), England (Boadicea), Ireland (Grace O'Malley), and New Mexico (Lozen). She particularly liked going to Ireland because she's of Irish descent herself, and her ancestors came from the same part of Ireland as Grace O'Malley.

    • Lucy loves to go out in disguise in public to fool her friends. She fooled Bruce Campbell at a signing for his book "If Chins Could Kill" and Rebecca Weinberg, stylist for Sex and the City at a New Zealand fashion show.

    • Lucy says she was asked to guest star on The Bernie Mac Show because Serena Williams was busy winning Wimbledon when they were shooting that episode.

    • Lucy said she envisioned a warrior princess to look like Gabriela Sabatini, the tennis player from Argentina.

    • As a joke, Lucy would often save her prosthetic make-up pieces from the set of Xena: Warrior Princess and send them off to a certain member of the crew who left to pursue other opportunities. She said he loved getting presents, and never saw the joke coming no matter how many times she did it to him.

    • If you watch closely, you will notice that it is always Lucy's left eye that tears up first during a "crying" scene.

    • Lucy and her husband Robert G. Tapert (executive producer for Xena: Warrior Princess) rarely talked about upcoming stories for Xena: Warrior Princess at home. A few times that they did Lucy got excited about the stories only to have them change completely when it can time to film them, creating disappointment for her.

    • Lucy rarely had moments on Xena when she put her foot down and said they couldn't do something. But once when her regular stunt double was busy with another unit they asked another woman stuntie to fill in. The stuntie didn't mention to the crew that she was six months pregnant, but when Lucy saw who they'd gotten she stopped the production. She said that she had stunties to take risks for her when she was pregnant, but she couldn't allow a pregnant woman to take them for her.

    • Lucy released her first CD, titled come2me in 2007.

    • In 2007, Lucy held a concert in Los Angeles that was sold out.

    • Lucy has ties to Pluto being removed as an official planet. When the planet Eris was discovered, it was first called "Xena," after Lucy's infamous character. Lucy was extremely touched by this that she called Mike Brown (the professor who made the name stick) to tell him how moved she was by the nick-naming. The planet was later named Eris, but they could not stay away from Lucy. The moon of Eris was officially named for the goddess of "being lawless," Dysnomia. The fact that "Xena" was larger than Pluto sparked debate on whether Pluto should be a planet or not. It was concluded that it was indeed not a planet.

    • When Lucy was eighteen she traveled in Europe by herself for a year, going to Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Greece, among other places. She states that when she did this, she was running away from home.

    • She named her son Julius because it was a family name both in her own family and Rob's. She let her daughter Daisy give him his middle name, and she chose Bay. Bay is a Gaelic name for someone who is born on Saturday.

    • Lucy had a surefire way of losing the extra weight after she gave birth to Julius, her second son. Was it dieting, exercise? No, it was breastfeeding! Lucy credits Baby Julius for literally sucking the weight right off of her.

    • Lucy has stated that when she was pregnant with her second child, she craved cornflakes and orange juice, but fortunately not together! She also craved apple pie.

    • Lucy is a big fan of Judge Judy. She also loves the show Sex and the City, her favorite character being Miranda.

    • Lucy's character of Xena was named number 100 of "Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters".

    • Lucy's nickname is Unco, which stand for "uncoordinated."

    • Stage Work:
      *Lucy played the role of Dorothy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes from May 13 through May 15 of 2005. She performed this with the Seattle Men's Chorus.
      *Lucy performed in the Vagina Monologues from February 14 to March 16 of 2002.
      As a note, Lucy's sister, Josie Ryan, wrote and starred in a one woman play entitled Sister WonderWoman.

    • Lucy played the part of Rizzo in Grease on Broadway from September 9 to October 19 of 1997. Her fans were thrilled when she did the "Xena" warcry every performance during the dance contest.

    • Lucy's character on Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena, was made pregnant in the shows fifth season because of Lucy's getting pregnant with her second child.

    • Lucy has a daughter with ex-husband Garth Lawless, to whom she was married from 1988 to 1995. Their daughter, Daisy, was born on July 15, 1988.

    • In 1997, Lucy was chosen as one of People Magazine's, 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

    • Lucy was originally turned down for the role of Xena, as she already played a part previously on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She then dyed her hair to a dark brown and auditioned for the part anyways, and got the role when Vanessa Angel, who had been signed for the role, was unable to follow through.

    • Lucy appeared in 8 episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. 2 as Lyla and 6 as her infamous character, Xena. Her first role in the Hercules Universe was as the Amazon Lysia in the movie "Hercules and the Amazon Women".

    • Lucy has four older siblings and two younger siblings.

    • Lucky worked with her current husband, Robert G. Tapert on the set of Xena: Warrior Princess.

    • Lucy owns a holiday house at Taupo on the shores of Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

    • Lucy speaks a little of 4 other languages besides English. Those include French, Hebrew, German and Italian.

    • Lucy studied drama at the William Davis Center for Actors Study.

    • Lucy fractured her pelvis after falling from a horse. She was practicing a scene for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    • At 5' 10" tall, Lucy is known for her tall stature. When she was starring on Xena: Warrior Princess, she often towered over her co-star Renee O'Connor, who stands at 5' 4" tall.

    • Lucy gave birth to son Julius Robert Bay Tapert, with husband Robert G. Tapert, on the 16th of October, 1999. Both her mother and her daughter Daisy were present, along with Rob. She gave birth in a pool of water, since she felt it would be less traumatic for her son to go from the womb into water.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy Lawless: (on performing "The Vagina Monologues") [While] I never felt disadvantaged by having a vagina...I never realised it was a privilege.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on guest starring on "The X-Files") They had to keep reining me back during my episodes, because I was going, 'Where's the blood? Who do you want me to kick first?'

    • Lucy Lawless: I once bungee jumped out of a helicopter. It was an 800 foot fall, and I wasn`t that impressed. You`re so high above the ground that you don`t get the sense of imminent death like you do when you are jumping off, say, a bridge.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on the final episode of Xena) I don't know why people expected us to walk off into the sunset. It was the strong choice, the bold choice, the risky choice, and I know some people don't like it, but the characters come full circle. She lived by the sword, and by golly she died by the sword!

    • Lucy Lawless: (on guest starring on "Less Than Perfect") They asked me to do a Kiwi accent. I was just, 'Oh! Why would I want to do that? I'm not really acting when I do that.' Then I thought, 'Hell, give it a shot!' It might not seem like a stretch to people for me to do comedy with a Kiwi accent, but it is, actually. I haven't done that for many years.

    • Lucy Lawless: Some people don't think sitcoms or comedy are important, but I think it's very important. Actors want to do drama because that gets because that gets all the respect, but I think human beings just need a good laugh and they need to feel like they have friends on television.

    • Lucy: I bet not even Cher has fans of this caliber!

    • Lucy: (Lucy on singing on stage) Live performance is always a gamble and you just have to flow with whatever happens.

    • Lucy: I am playing a lead role in a new ABC show called Footballers' Wives. I heard about it weeks ago but refused to go in on it because A - I don't like football and B - I don't play wives!

    • Lucy: (laughingly, in reference to photo shoots) Everybody always puts a sword in my hand.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on husband Rob Tapert) I really want a man to be a man, but I love it that he can come home and gossip with me like a girlfriend. He's alot of fun. And tender. That's the other thing. You need a man to be strong yet tender.

    • Lucy Lawless: I recommend, if you have a kooky idea or if you have a genuine compliment, instead of being shy and not paying it, just say it! Pay the compliment! Just cuz you're alive. Don't miss those opportunities to spread a little joy.

    • Lucy Lawless: But I don't even look like Xena. I'm much more slight than people expect. My hair's actually sort of mousy brown.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on her TV show "Xena") I always call it a goofy show for smart people.

    • Lucy: (after the birth of her third child) I feel I've done my bit to overpopulate the planet and I can stop now.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on working with guest stars on Xena Warrior Princess) In the early days you could dislike somebody just because you were tired. I think that I became a better person, more understanding of the production process and was more concerned about the comfort of the other actors on the show as the show went on. Now, somebody would really have to go out of their way to make me dislike them. But I think, generally, I can find something to respect about most people.

    • (Lucy on why she loves playing the character of Meg on Xena: Warrior Princess so much)
      Lucy Lawless: I don't know. It's like, secretly, that's the real Lucy.

    • Lucy Lawless: (on the husband's role during labor) The best thing he can do is just not be offended if she asks for one thing one second and then says 'Get the Hell away from me' in the next. Just ride with it, it's all part of the deal. It's an interesting roller coaster. But my experience was that I just needed him to be there, to be simple and do nothing really. Just be with me.

    • (on doing love scenes with Kevin Smith)
      Lucy Lawless: You know, it's funny, because there's no schwing. Kevin and I have worked together so much and if you have to kiss anyone, let it be Kevin Smith for all sorts of reasons. Not just because he's gorgeous, but because he's not confused about it. It's totally safe. And then the next episode ("Amphipolis Under Siege") we had to do it so long all day, that it got to be like shaking hands.

    • (comparing her first and second pregnancies)
      Lucy Lawless: There's none of the stress that you inevitably go through when you're nineteen and and discover you're pregnant. Even though I had the support of my father who was terrific, at nineteen everyone thought your life would go another way. There is the perception that you were going to be a highly successful something and now your life is over. I think a lot of people did think that for me.

    • Lucy Lawless: I am waiting for a sign that will indicate to me what meaning I must give to my life, but right now my existence is satisfactory.

    • Lucy Lawless: Treat everyone the same until you find out they're an idiot.

  • Lucy Lawless is by far one of the greatest actresses the business has ever known. She is a woman with many skills, and still has much to offer as an actress.moreless

    Lucy Lawless is by far one of the best actresses to enter show business! Not only does she have great looks and outstanding acting skills, but she has a great singing voice, not every actress has those attributes. Growing up, I watched her and Renee O'Connor all the time on Xena: Warrior Princess with my Dad. Not only did I love seeing her character kick ass on screen, but I was amazed by the chemistry between Lucy and Renee O'Connor on the show. Portraying that kind of chemistry on screen is a hard skill to pull off. Not many could possibly pull off what she did on screen as Xena. I love watching her progress as an actress and can't wait to see what she does next.moreless
  • Lucy is the REAL DEAL!

    Lucy is one of the most talented actresses I have ever had the pleasure of watching. She has proven that she can do what ever is needed for a role. Be it action, adventure, drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, musical, or even all of these rolled into one character. She can pull it all off with extreme perfection. And the best thing of all about Lucy Lawless is Lucy herself. She is the most beautiful, giving, kind, caring, energetic, silly, loving, and down to earth individual anyone could ever hope to know. So if you are looking for the epitome of Stardom, look no further. Lucy is the one to be watching.