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  • Lucy is the REAL DEAL!

    Lucy is one of the most talented actresses I have ever had the pleasure of watching. She has proven that she can do what ever is needed for a role. Be it action, adventure, drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, musical, or even all of these rolled into one character. She can pull it all off with extreme perfection. And the best thing of all about Lucy Lawless is Lucy herself. She is the most beautiful, giving, kind, caring, energetic, silly, loving, and down to earth individual anyone could ever hope to know. So if you are looking for the epitome of Stardom, look no further. Lucy is the one to be watching.

  • Lucy Lawless is by far one of the greatest actresses the business has ever known. She is a woman with many skills, and still has much to offer as an actress.

    Lucy Lawless is by far one of the best actresses to enter show business! Not only does she have great looks and outstanding acting skills, but she has a great singing voice, not every actress has those attributes. Growing up, I watched her and Renee O'Connor all the time on Xena: Warrior Princess with my Dad. Not only did I love seeing her character kick ass on screen, but I was amazed by the chemistry between Lucy and Renee O'Connor on the show. Portraying that kind of chemistry on screen is a hard skill to pull off. Not many could possibly pull off what she did on screen as Xena. I love watching her progress as an actress and can't wait to see what she does next.
  • Lucy Lawless is a legendary TV star, one who's shows no one could ever fill.

    Lucy Lawless. The name screams XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS. And she is a princess. The princess of television action. She not only acts well, but she's an amazing vocalist as well. Her role as Xena may be her greatest truimph of all. To play such a role required so much hard work and dedication. She also proved her acting prowess in Boogeyman. However, she is a little underappreciated which shouldn't be the case at all.
  • Lucille Frances Ryan (Lawless), a native of New Zealand, she has made her name as the fierce and stunningly beautiful Xena Warrior Princess. In the six years Xena ran, she managed to make Xena a household name.

    I knew the first time I laid my eyes on her in Hercules (episode, The Warrior Princess) that she was something special. Something more then even I could have ever imagined. Ever since she first appeared in Hercules, she has been accused of not being able to act her way out of a paper bag. This is completely untrue. The only thing holding her back from becoming a major box office star is Hollywood’s closed mind about action stars. The mindset is that if you are an action star, you must not be able to act. Well, this woman can say more with her eyes and a twitch of her lip then other actors could ever say with ten pages of dialogue. Lucy knows how to emote better then any actor I have ever seen. It still amazes me how she does that. She can do any role out there. Name it. Action, drama, comedy, heck, she can even sing! Her talent is unending.

    Lucy has acquired a VERY large lesbian following, almost from the beginning for Xena. I know for a fact, that she has turned many a woman that way, me being one of them. I can never thank her enough for bringing out in me what, and who I truly am. For this, I am eternally grateful, and will always be her most devoted fan.
  • What can i say about Lucy Lawless!! Beautiful and Talented in many ways! "She has many skills" I have liked her since her days on Xena.

    Lucy is not only a gifted actress she is also a very talented singer too! She should of won Celebty Duets!! The chemistry between Renee Oconnor and her on Xena is so unbeleivable. I am so glad that they have stayed friends long after the show has ended. She has even been in the stands of Dancing with the Stars cheering on her friend. I would give just about anything to meet her. She even has her own webpage which when not busy goes on there. I can just sit and watch on tv all day or i am looking under you tube for her. Love ya Lucy
  • One of the most charasmatic, talented (and very underrrated actress) in the bussiness, and played the best female hero in history thus far.

    Lucy Lawless is one of the most talented (but sadly underrated) actresses to appear on the screen. She expresses feelings so wonderfully without words - she really is an emotion-evoking actress. We know what she is thinking as clearly as if she has told us in two pages of detailed dialogue, yet she never says a word. Whether its comedy, drama -- Lucy can do it all. I always ask myself; how can the same person who just scared the beejubus out of me [when she plays Xena], can make me laugh so hard with her mannerisms as Meg or Annie Day?

    When Lucy plays Xena [among other chacters], she completely abandons her natural Kiwi (New Zealand) accent. The voice she uses for Xena is deep and chilling, and completely unique. The character of Xena is very androgynous in personality (if that makes any sense), and she definetely does not fit the stereotypical "tough" female we're so used to see these days. No sexy walks; no swing of the hips, no bland one-liners, no cliche's. I remember Lucy asked the writers to allow Xena to do whatever they'd have a man do, and it shows in her acting and portrayal.

    I've never seen a female actress portray such power, command, rage, anger and fury the way she does. Surprisingly though, Lucy's personality is nothing like Xena in real life. Goofy and fun, she is more like Meg.

    I wish her many sucess on her recent roles, and she's doing well already with Battlestar Galatica.
  • Tell me what comes to mind when you hear the name Lucy Lawless 'Xena' *ding dong* She played an all legendary warrior Princess on everyones' favourite show Xena. Here is where we grew to love Lucy Lawless.

    I watched every single episode of Xena until the dramatic ending. I fell in love with her character and her relationships with other people. Lucy lawless is truly a wonderful person, which made me amazed to see her on pro-Xena shows. Such Like Tarzan and Veronica Mars. She is truly unique and an all time legend. I would always place her in my most favorite characters of all time. She is truly one of a kind and decnt person at heart. She has been placed in the minds of anyone 'A beautiful person and a wonerful heart" Lucy Lawless. "Her courage would change this world" as was quoted before.
  • You go girl!

    Lucy Lawless is one of my favorite actresses of all time! I know her mostly from her role as Xena: Warrior Princess (My God she's talented!) and since then, she's taken the acting world by storm, making Xena a household name and doing lots of shows I like (The simpsons, two and a half men). She is also very versed in theatre and arts, and Bill Clinton is her biggest fan. She played Rizzo in the musical, Grease, ,and she's now got a recurring role in the hit television series: Battlestar Galactica. I have heard nothing but good things about this show and Lucy Lawless' acting. I'd like to close by saying: "Her courage has changed the world!" All Xena fans should understand this quote.