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    • While Lucy helped establish her Little House on the Prairie character of Eliza Jane Wilder to audiences as an awkward, timid, and sweet woman, it should be noted that the real Eliza Jane was nothing like the one that Lucy portrayed. The real Eliza Jane was assertive, harsh, and not very friendly--quite the opposite of what Lucy played out.

    • Actor Dean Butler, who played Lucy's younger brother Almanzo on Little House on the Prairie, once described Lucy as like "a little bird, so graceful and delicate when she's on-screen."

  • Quotes

    • Lucy Lee Flippin: (about her fans) Yes, I am still recognized today. People are very kind; I get wonderful letters from all over the world, because of the Internet!

    • Lucy Lee Flippin: (about working with Michael Landon on "Little House") He was a very hard worker--directing, acting and writing many of the scripts. He had a raunchy sense of humor, usually right before a "take," to relax the actors. It was difficult to keep a straight face acting with him! He was into physical fitness then and had a little gym installed at MGM. He used to go to Las Vegas to write episodes, where he would rent a penthouse in a casino! I have enormous respect for his work ethic.