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  • Elementary

    Why? Does Lucy Lui always wear the same boots with every item of clothes she wear. She needs to waer different shoes that go with the different outfits she wears. Please, quit wear the gray boots all the time.

    A fan who does not understand.


    never for get YOU'LL SEE WHY WITH TIME!,

    I YOU WAS MY one AND only FRIEND you'LL BE the 1 in a million that i would lay down and loving u would be like loving a GODIS FOR laying next to you O MY O MY but I just love dreaming of you and jennifer Tilly trust me wowed and crazy (yes) one day let's see if dreams come true?

    but Ellen is another whom i want in that group::::))))! yea baby yea!.
  • The guy with no shirt at the Orange Bowl

    Remember me at the Orange Bowl when you and Cameron saw me with my shirt off? I'm living at the same place in Miami, house in back. Also, I'm driving the same kind of silver car you have! Stop by and let's go do something! Later, Eric
  • Not a good actress.

    I will say that Lucy Liu is very much an actress that is overrated and she needs to do more. Guess I think if she was better she would be. Seen her movies and hate every one of them. She is good looking though. I will not go out on a limb and say that saves her from average acting ability. She needs to do something different and I think she is very good and saying less than needed. So I don't think she is very good, I still respect her in the way of it all. One day, she might prove me wrong but who really cares?
  • Very overrated.

    I think Lucy Liu is a bananna, one of the worst around. She is a bad actress and an overrated performer. I guess I am disgusted with her becaus of the fact that she always plays these white roles when she isn't white. But I guess she is underneath it all. She was bad in so many of her movies and I wish she would have stuck to not being a celebrity. The media loves ethnic women and they pair them with white men. If it is the other way around, people have problems with it. That is reality. Thank you.
  • empty

    Great actress, that certainly stands above other actress. She is very lucky and talented enough to have get up to this point in her career, and I think that she is simply awesome, I can't stop thinking who could have played a better role in her movies, she is just perfect for them.
  • empty

    Lucy Lui is really a talented actress, especially when it comes to action films (e.g. the "Charlie's Angels" films). In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Vanilla Sky."
  • Lucy Liu is a very attractive atress!

    I've seen Lucy Liu in Charles's Angels 1 and 2, and Shanghai Noon. I have yet to see her in Ally McBeel. From all that I've seen, Lucy is a very talented actress. She did her own stunts in the Charles's Angels movies, and looked great while doing them! She also did fight scences in Shanghai Noon, which she rocked! Lucy also is very beautiful, and has a killer body! With both looks and talent, she has what it takes to survive in Hollywood!
  • Famous Charlie's Angel

    Lucy played in a lot of movies and it would take hurs to write them down....She played in 'Kill Bill vol. 1' and 'Charlie's Angels'. I realy liked her in her role f smart Alex in 'Charlie's Angel'. She was briliant! I hope I will see her soon in some new movies!!!
  • love this woman. She's so very charismatic. Have adored her since the first time I met her.

    If you watch both Charlies Angeles films, you realize that you can not take your eyes off Lucy; no matter what the scene or her involvement. There is a mystery about her that is rare these days. you just do not know what she is up to from moment to moment. On Ally, she was sexy without ever trying. That is a natural gift. Thanks Luc, glad I met you.
  • She is pretty. And she is talented. That makes pretty talented. PRETTY talented. Not fully talented. PRETTY talented.

    She is pretty. And she is talented. That makes pretty talented. PRETTY talented. Not fully talented. PRETTY talented. I mean, she has been in a perfect number of movies for her acting skills. Charlie's Angels was way overrated and so was she in that movie. I mean, come on. Sure, maybe she is a bit underrated NOW, but no one talks about her anymore. And they really shouldn't. I mean, she is a woman who starred in one REALLY popular movie. It's not like she is queen of the world. I feel kind of speechless about her sometimes. I like her but I don't.
  • A fantastic actress, highly origional. Most of the roles she is cast in don't do her justice!

    Lucy Liu is certainly one of the most origional actresses out there, but most of her roles are surprisingly small. Considering that her role as "Ling Woo" in Ally McBeal, was created for her especially, she should be given alot more credit than she has. Her part in Kill Bill (volume 1) was deffinately her best and biggest (coming close to Ally McBeal), mostly because it showed off all of her amazing talents. Although her role in Charlies Angels gave her most of her fame, Kill Bill and Ally McBeal portrayed her as a serious actress. Other than a few appearances in the friends spin-off "Joey", Beverly Hills 90210, and other small roles, Charlies Angels, Ally McBeal and Kill Bill have been her only major roles. Being an actress with this much talent and origionality, Lucy Liu deserves much more credit than she recieves.