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  • Luda is one of the best rappers out there. He is very talented and versatile


    I love Ludacris. He is one of the best rappers of all time, in my honest opinion. Ludacris is multi-talented. He can be serious, sexy, funny and fierce. He can tear his opponents up in a battle but he can turn on the ladies. He can be sweet and sympathetic and inspirational as well.

    Many people say that hip-hop music is sexist and that women aren't treated properly in the lyrics or the videos. Speaking as a woman who grew up in the ghetto, I love hip-hop music and I don't feel thata specific song is aimed at me in particular, or any woman that I know. I love Ludacris and when he calls a woman a b**** or a h**, I know that he's not talking about me. It's the way he expresses himself, and unfortunately, its the way that many people speak in the hood. Women parading around in skimpy outfits in a video don't get any sympathy from me, either. There are plenty of women like that outside my front door so I'm not going to object to a rapper putting a willing female into his video.

    Anyway, I didn't mean to preach in this review. I am very defensive when it comes to my favorite artists, and Ludacris is one of them. I enjoy his music and I enjoy his movies.

    His acting career is still on the rise and I believe that his future will be even brighter than it is right now.

    The state of music right now is sad to me. I can't really listen to the radio anymore because there is so much garbage music on there. But there are rappers like Ludacris (and Jay-Z & Eminem) that are still holding it down and I am grateful that they are still here!

    Ludacris is amazing and I will always be one of his biggest fans.

  • Luda's A BEAST!!

    Ludacris is such a great rapper. He has some really good songs. He makes a great featuring artist. He was awesome in the remix to Like You'll Never See Me Again with Alicia Keys. He had such a great verse in that song.He was also a beast in the song How We Do It (round My Way) with Lloyd. He had a killer berse. He also was extremely awesome in the song Gimme Dat with Chingy and Bobby Valentino. Luda got some really good songs. He writes such really good lyrics in his music. I consider ludacris one of the best rappers around.
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    I am basing this review solely on Ludacris's acting ability. And you know what--Ludacris is a surprisingly good actor. I mean he is no Terrance Howard, but he can hold his own. He is funny and quite charismatic on screen.
  • All I can say is funny as hell

    Luda is one funny guy, I mean the guy critizes how some rappers rap and yet he never gets bashed back. He is very controversial in his hometown and causes rifts wherever he goes, His music is also funny and quite truthful, He tells you straight up how he feels and how he wants it to be down. My favorite songs are "Move **** "What is your Fantasy" "Act a Fool" and a lot of other good ones I forgot.
  • Ludacris is one of the greatest rappers!

    I have not seen anybody good at rapping besides twista or ludacris. Ludacris is a great rapper.
    He comes from Champaign, Illinois. I think if you like Rap or hip-hop Ludacris is your rapper. Ludacris has been to a lot of concerts or tv shows. Ludacris is a very young rapper that will probably be " called one of the best. "