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  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 6/22/14

    The first night of auditions for Rising Star. Contestants must receive 70% Yes votes to advance.

    Joshua Peavy - (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
    Lisa Punch - How Will I Know
    Maneepat Molloy - Con te partiro
    Daniel & Olivia - Counting Stars
    Jesse Kinch - I Put a Spell On You
    Beyond 5 - Wake Me Up
    Sarah Darling - Merry Go 'Round
    Colin Huntley - Sing
    Summer Collins - Classic
    Macy Kate - Me and My Broken Heart

  • Tim McGraw/Ludacris, T-Pain

    Full Episode

    S 34 : Ep 9 - 11/22/08

    Live from New York, it's... Fred Armisen!

    Sketches include "The Big Three Automakers," "Clear Rite," "Dateline NBC," "Turkey Chase," "Live Another Death," "Blizzard Man," "Jeff Montgomery," "Dale Britches' Down-Home Phony Phone Calls," and "Mark Payne."

    Ludacris and T-Pain performed "One More Drink" and "Chopped & Screwed."moreless
  • Monstourage

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 18 - 9/21/08

    Vic Mackey from "The Shield" switches places with the Fantastic Four's Thing and it's funny. Cowboys on a cattle drive have it bad in biblical proportions. Bronson Pinchot and Ludacris star in the off-Broadway production of "Don't Be Ridiculous". Fraggle Rock meets Watership Down when the Fraggles are forced out of their home and onto a desperate hunt for survival.moreless
  • Episode 1

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 3/18/08

    The celebrities must choose coaches for their teams.
  • Screwed

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 22 - 5/22/07

    Lake returns to the SVU and works with Tutuola when Tutuola needs to handle some unresolved issues with Darius.
  • You Kent Always Say What You Want

    Full Episode

    S 18 : Ep 22 - 5/20/07

    When Homer buys the 1,000,000th ice-cream cone at a local shop, he ends up on Kent Brockman's news program. When Brockman swears on live TV after coffee is spilled in his lap, Ned Flanders leads a crusade to clean up Springfield's airwaves, starting with getting Brockman fired. Then Homer once again saves the day.moreless
  • Ludacris

    Full Episode

    S 32 : Ep 6 - 11/18/06

    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "The Second Vietnam War," "Young Douglas: Hypin' the Claszics," "The Bitchslap Method," "The O'Reilly Factor," "Booty Bidness Workwear," "Superhits Studios," "Pool Watch," "Hair Transplant," "Olivia Cruise Lines," and "Old Friends in a Diner."

    Ludacris performed "Money Maker" and "Runaway Love" (featuring Mary J. Blige).moreless
  • Venom

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 18 - 3/28/06

    Ken Randall calls Benson for help after he's picked up in an alley late at night. He claims that he was looking for a body after overhearing a man talk about murdering a woman and dumping her body while he was at the bar that night. Fin is upset that no one informed him his son was in trouble and inserts himself into the investigation. Suspicion soon falls onto Ken's cousin, Darius Parker.moreless
  • Stay Tuned

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 - 5/24/05

    J.T. spots Janie and Grant at a jewelry store buying an engagement ring for Shelly, so he's faced with a tough decision, and after consulting with his parents and friends, J.T. decides to also propose at Shelly's birthday party. Donovan tries to avoid tearful goodbyes, so he leaves and discusses future plans with a cab driver.moreless
  • Paul Giamatti/Ludacris & Sum 41

    Full Episode

    S 30 : Ep 10 - 1/22/05

    Live from New York, it's...Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Sketches include: "The Bush Twins," "Condelezza Rice's Hearing," "Gaystrogen," "Paul's Limo Driver," "Kaitlin's Instrument," "TVLand: The Lundsford Twins Feel Good Variety Hour," "Andy at Reinhold Investments," "Spy Glass," and "Phoebe's Giant Cat." Ludacris performed "Get Back" (featuring Sum 41) and "Number One Spot."moreless
  • Ep. #204

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 2/11/04

    The Love Contract: A small bit that plays at the beginning episode - this sketch is a satire of the Kobe Bryant incident and how it could have been avoided with 'The Love Contract' as your partner signs it confirming consent.

    Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories (Rick James): This is the infamous "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Rick James" episode. Other than "The Love Contract" sketch, this entire episode focuses on Eddie Murphy's older brother Charlie and his run-ins with 80s musician Rick James. This was the most popular Chappelle's Show episode to date.

    Musical Performance: Ludacris (not on the DVD)moreless